MBA fast-tracks career growth, that is why an MBA degree has high esteem in the corporate world. This is also the reason why most college graduates have a clear mind about pursuing an MBA from the Best MBA college in Odisha or elsewhere. But when it comes to deciding a degree they should do after 12th; they are not clear. We know that it is not easy to finalize between so many options, that is why we have written this article to help you select the right degree if you wish to pursue an MBA after graduation - that graduation program is BBA.

What is BBA?

Bachelor of Bussiness Administration (BBA) is a full-time three-year degree program focused on imparting students with complete knowledge of leadership and management.

What are the eligibility criteria to pursue a Bachelor of Bussiness Administration degree?

To pursue Bachelor of Bussiness Administration degree, one needs to pass the 12th standard from any stream with at least 50% marks from a recognized board.

What is the Curriculum of Bachelor of Bussiness Administration degree?

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Bussiness Administration covers every aspect of leadership and management. The primary subjects included in the curriculum are Operation, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, International Business, Organizational Behavior, Logistics, and Supply Chain.

What are the career prospects of Bachelor of Bussiness Administration?

After graduating in Bachelor of Bussiness Administration, one can work in the marketing and sales department in any organization. To climb the ladder of promotions, one should do a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

How is BBA beneficial for an MBA?
Clears Basics
In the curriculum of MBA, there are various concepts and theories which develop your management and leadership skills. Doing a BBA will make you aware of these subjects, and it will be easy for you to understand and learn them quickly.

Help in choosing the right specialization

BBA will give you a clear understanding of various components of business management like Operations, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, among others. So you have a clear idea which specialization is right for you.

These are just a few benefits of BBA among many others. In the end, we can conclude pursuing a Bachelor of Bussiness Administration (BBA) from a B school in Bhubaneswar or any other city. This program will not only give you end-to-end knowledge of leadership and management but will also give you the necessary skills needed for a successful corporate career.

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