Despite the fact that professional yoga instructors work to help heal, relax and improve the overall health and wellness of their students, these hands on practitioners are not immune from the kinds of unpredictable occurrences that make yoga teacher liability insurance a necessity for the success and stability of one’s practice.

Like any other business, a yoga teacher should be insured against those situations that could threaten the business and drain its finances. In order to understand exactly why a healing practitioner such as a yoga teacher might need yoga teacher liability insurance, it may help to first understand the kinds of events that could potentially threaten one’s practice as a reflexologist.

Perhaps the most obvious and easiest reason to comprehend is the fact that, at any moment, a client could slip, trip or fall on the property of your yoga studio. Of course, many times a simple slip, trip or fall does not result in much more than a stubbed toe and a bit of embarrassment. However, there are instances when the result could be more serious, such as a broken wrist or ankle or even a head injury.

If such an accident were ever to occur on the property of your yoga studio, you would need the protection and coverage of a yoga teacher liability insurance plan. A solid yoga teacher liability insurance plan will contain thorough general liability insurance, which is designed specifically for scenarios in which a customer or client slipped, tripped or fell on your property and suffered an injury.

Even if you were not at all at fault for the client’s accident—meaning that the slip, trip or fall was not due to some kind of negligence on your part, such as a spill on the floor or an icy sidewalk—you would still want the protection of yoga teacher liability insurance in case the client did decide to file a claim against you. Obviously, if there was some sort of unintended negligence on your part, it would be especially critical to have the coverage of yoga teacher liability insurance.

A second reason why professional yoga teachers should be protected by yoga teacher liability insurance is the potential for a client to claim damage or injury due to something that took place during the reflexology appointment. For example, a client may believe—rightly or wrongly—that her neck pain was badly exacerbated by the yoga teaching session. If she decides to file a claim against you, you will need the professional liability segment of your yoga insurance to see you through the legal process and get to the truth.

This part of a yoga teacher liability insurance policy is also known as malpractice insurance, which is probably a familiar term that you typically associate with physicians. Although yoga teachers do not practice any invasive techniques, such as the ones performed by medical professionals, yoga teachers do work closely and physically with their clients. Therefore, they should be protected from claims of malpractice by yoga teacher liability insurance.

The situations described above are two general scenarios that could threaten the career of professional yoga teachers and drain his or her savings—if no yoga teacher liability insurance policy is in place. Hopefully, it is now clear why business-savvy yoga teachers secure yoga teacher liability insurance.

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