When times are tough at home, at work, or in business we as customers, business people, and as consumers become much fussier. We want more, but we don't want to part with the cash unless we are absolutely satisfied. Higher customer expectations can be frustrating for us as salespeople, and we need to learn how to deal with them.

I know I have been in the situation when you think you have the sale but it is 1% not right for the customer and you end up losing it. When you have instances like this, I suggest that you do the following to help you always get the sale:

1. When you are interacting with the customer, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! The customer has needs and it is up to you to use your skills as a salesperson to find out what these are.

2. Don't be pushy. If you think you are losing the sale do a boomerang move. Tell the customer to think about it, look around, to do their research. They will think 'What a nice sales person' and I bet you they will come back (Hence the boomerang effect!). I do this as if they are not 100% with their purchase they won't be happy in the long run and you don't want that. You want that customer to come back regularly and to be happy with every purchase they make from you.

3. Find out their frustrations. They have obviously been shopping around and may have had a bad experience, or even a good experience they are trying to live up to. Draw on that and make their experience with you even better. Service their needs and be the solution to their problem. If they have had problems with a certain item then ensure you give them something else next time.

I guarantee that if you follow these basic tips you will get far in sales. Don't take things personally. It is the patient sales people who listen and really value their customer's needs who are the winners... they are the ones getting the sales and turning over the figures.

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