In this adorable clip from the animated film Surfs Up, a variety of penguins answer the question; what is a winner? Did you notice that the answers were a reflection on each one’s own personal lens of experience? For some to be a winner is to be a good sport or having fun. For others, it was about crushing the competition.

How you answer this question is a reflection on you. Here are some of my own principles of winners:

Keep learning- If you stay stagnant, people will pass you by. There is always something to learn. If you make it a point to keep up on the patterns, trends, technologies in your field of work, you will have an advantage.

Do your best- Compete against your best self, not others, and you will continue to improve. Too often we look at other people as our measuring stick. Stop comparing yourself to others and compare yourself to your best yesterday self. How have you gotten better?

Communicate truthfully- Being honest is its own reward; it will help you sleep well at night. Don’t oversell yourself. It is so better to have someone else tell you that you are better than you say that you are. Your weaknesses are endearing. So wear them honestly.

Honor your agreements- If your word is trustworthy, you are a winner. People love to work with people that they trust. Trust and honesty go hand in hand.

Move steadily forward- Setting goals and moving ahead toward your dreams makes you a winner. If you are actively doing one thing every day to move you toward your dreams you will move steadily toward achieving them.

Accept blame- People will respect you if you admit your mistakes. No one is perfect, but those who take responsibility for their mistakes are respected. Perfection is annoying because no one is perfect. So, when you mess up, and take your lumps, people will appreciate it.

Celebrate the achievements of others- Other people’s successes are not your failures. When you honor other winners, you are a winner.

How do you define winning? Are you a winner according to your own definition?

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Patty Sadallah has 29 years experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach. She is a Dream Partner Catalyst and coaches and consults entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofits and faith-based organizations toward by moving them toward their dream visions. Find out more about her coaching and consulting at

She is also the Chapter President for the Northeast Ohio Christian Roundtables, a chapter of Truth at Work. It is a monthly advisory board roundtable of Christian leaders, equipping members to share their faith at work, grow their businesses and strengthen their walk with God. Learn more at