We all are aware of the hard work we had put before we could say ‘yes I got it'. It can relate to early life at the workplace when we had to work our way up the ladders in our professional careers particularly when we had no god-fathers. It took us longer than we had anticipated. On the way, there were disappointments, heart-burnings, and distrust when we saw guys moving up the ladders without much difficulty because they had cultivated the habit of ‘yes-man-ship' borne out of sycophancy.

We see a lot of people around us bathing in the glory of a good life. Their path to glory was paved with soft –cozy carpets. Money is never a problem because they do not have to work hard for it. These guys do not torment themselves with the notion of inner conscience and hence they can be excused for that. But what about those who have a conscience always nudging them from inside?

Maybe we are not one of them but we do have some experience of having something for which we did not work hard or did not expect. It may be some unexpected increment or promotion that came our way not because we deserved it but because the boss was kind to us for his reasons best known to him. This is what we have to doubt. The intentions behind such gestures may be riddled with unseen and yet to be asked favors. The boss may be expecting from you something in return that you may not be in a position to refuse because your conscience does not permit it.

Anything that comes to us easily either promotion or money or success needs to be analyzed in depth.

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The author is internet savvy, techie and traditional person. She likes to write on interesting and alert topics about the Internet.