A cure for baldness? Impossible, you would say. But, the contrary is true. At the hair clinics in Delhi, baldness is being cured permanently. They give 25 years guarantee for your hair and that is saying something! So many bald people have got the gift of new hair and have got their youthful looks back. Let us see something more about this.

Determine Hair Loss Cause First

Hair falls out due to natural causes like genetic factors or artificial reasons such as improper nutrition and care. Hair fall can be rectified by modern hair growth methods. Among them, mesotherapy and PRP therapy are the most sought after. They are used for people with a high degree of baldness. You get a guarantee because these methods work. Check-in for an appointment with the Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. The hair experts there will look at your head and tell you which the best treatment is for your type of hair.

Classification of Baldness Types
Many types of baldness exist. According to the Hamilton-Norwood scale, there are 12 degrees of baldness. This determines the cost of the hair transplant since it costs more to have more hair transplanted on to your head. Each of the hair graft will cost 30-40 INR and a person with minimal baldness will need around 1500 hair follicles at least. This will take 1-2 sittings and so you will need 6 months period for completing this operation.

Each sitting is spaced by 3-4 months gap from the next. A person with complete loss of hair on top of the head is classified as Grade 7 while one who has a balding patch on the top of the head is Grade 3V. Grade 7 baldness will need 5600-6000 hair grafts while the Grade 3V will need 3600-4000 hair grafts. Each graft will have 2-3 hair follicles.

Determine the Best solution
The hair expert will ascertain whether it is possible to use hair loss treatment methods on your hair. If this is not possible, then you have to go in for a hair transplant. If they decide that your hair will grow with mesotherapy or other related treatment methods, then, you can use them. It will cost lesser and take lesser time.

Use of PRP treatment
PRP treatment is effective because it involves the latest medical technology. The protein-rich plasma (PRP) from the places where hair growth it thick and lustrous (such as the back of the head) is taken and injected into areas where you are bald. The PRP contains growth hormones that stimulate new hair growth. This is a proven method so you can be assured of results. Mesotherapy is used when there is insufficient health in the scalp. A herbal mixture containing vitamins is injected into the scalp to nourish the hair roots and stimulate new growth.

Take Action Now
Remember, your hair is guaranteed for 25 years after the treatment. It is wise to take action now and look youthful for the rest of your life. The more you delay, the more time you spend looking old. Get the cure for baldness now. Fix an appointment with the hair clinic and find out when you should begin the treatment.

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