Lifestyle vagaries are categorized by bad eating practice, deskbound works and high level of trauma are the dynamics that increases the threat of cardiovascular problems by 24 percent, heart strokes and heart attacks being the major of worry. Any type of disease in any part of body is the matter of concern. Our heart is the most complex part of our body thus it is necessary to take utmost care of heart otherwise it may lead to some life threatening problems.

There are several known to mankind but amongst all heart disease is the chronic ailment where you always seek best of best medical treatment. Maintain a good heart health is not that easy especially in today’s world. People are very much involved in activities which leave an adverse impact on our heart like smoking, alcohol consumption and tobacco consumption. People now a day, do not get enough time to go out for walk, or exercise daily and prepare a healthy food for them. Thereby, they become physically inactive and acquire several diseases specially heart diseases. A current research testified that the Indian people are more prone to heart diseases, due to faulty genetic makeup, than an African or a Caucasian one, making it the number one killing disease of the country.

There are different kinds of heart disease and the most common among that is blockage of coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart itself. Coronary artery disease is common cause of heart attack among people and occurs gradually over the time. Other types of heart diseases are heart failure and heart stroke. Some people are born with heart diseases.

The best way to get rid of chronic heart ailment is take help of a great heart surgeon. Cardiac surgeons are the one who undertakes the ailments related to heart. Cardiac surgeon performs heart surgeries, heart transplantation, bypass surgery, angioplasty, and open heart surgeons. Cardiac surgeon is different from that of cardiologist. A cardiologist is the one who diagnose prevent and cure the disease. But a cardiac surgeon is the one who perform surgeries. Thus a heart surgeon should not be confused with cardiologist.

Cardiac surgery has emerged as leading health care concern in between people due to increase in the ratio of heart ailments in India owing to stressful even or life challenging events. Delhi, in India has the best Cardiac Surgeons and people from all over the world are staying India because of the affordable cost of heart. Most of the cardiac surgeons carry out all variety of heart disease. The widely perform surgery is open heart surgery in which patient’s chest is opened and surgery is performed. The word “open” refers to the chest, not to the heart itself. The heart may or may not be opened depending on the particular type of surgery.

Heart Surgeon in Delhi, Heart Surgeon in Gurgaon, and Heart Surgeon in Noida offers surgery in the following areas;

• Cardiac Surgery And Cardiology

• Open Heart Surgery

• Angiographies

• Angioplasties

• Congenital Heart Disease

• Cardiovascular Disease

• Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

• Paediatric Intervention

• Cardiology Robotic Surgery

• Heart diseases or ailments related to blood vessels

• Valvular Heart Disease

• Heart Transplant

• Beating Heart Surgery

• Minimally Invasive Surgery

• Heart Failure

• Coronary Artery Diseases

• Bypass Surgery

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