In my work as a coach I work with multiple kinds of individuals. I find that most people want to achieve something, very few are not seeking growth in an area of their lives. When I ask what is it that you want; many times I get a blank stare in the face. This question is key in order to move forward with any goal in our life. Positive thinking is one of those techniques that I use and that I recommend clients. The main reason is because when you think positive,you think possibilities and 'possibilities' thinking allows you to embrace all the potentials of what life has to offer.

Be positive and open about your future; here are a few tricks to help you along the way:

a. Ask for what you want; clearly and simply: spell it out

b. Add emotion to it! Allow your whole self to feel what it will be like when whatever you want happens for you.

c. Allow it to happen; be there to let it manifest itself

Another technique I recommend, which I have practiced for years and assign my clients to work on is to write down the things that we want. There is so much power in writing those wishes, desires and plans down! It is almost like you make a contract by designing it the way you specify it. The only trap here is to be cautious not to undermine ourselves by creating confusing environments consisting of mixed messages.

For instance, do not wish you can get a management position at the local company while telling yourself that you will not get it because you are too old for that or that the competition is too hard. Do not draw a goal to lose 30 lbs while thinking that you will never do it because this or that illness runs in your family or that every woman in your family is large, hence you must not have been created to be smaller than you are.

If in fact this is your approach, then my thoughts are related to living your life under your own terms. If you are content with what you have or with who you have become, then that is your choice but by all means, take control and own your situation. Do not fall victim of your own thinking or predisposed ideas.

However, if on the other hand you realize that you don’t like where you are at this point of your life, then you have the power to change and take control of your destiny. It is not to say that there are some obstacles out there, or that it will be easy; yet, you have to forget about those things and start with you. If you have the right attitude about any challenging situation, the right actions and behaviors will follow. It is that simple.

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