There is a growing movement attempting to publicise the fact that many of the personal products we use every day such as cosmetics, skin care products, soaps and shampoos and more contain chemical ingredients which may well damage your health.

And as a result of this the purchasing public are becoming more aware of the importance of being extremely careful when they select personal products to use.

However today I wanted to talk about a similar, but slightly different issue. It's the possibility of contamination of your personal products. Not contamination with chemicals, but contamination with the same things that contaminate that furry mess that you found at the back of the fridge last month.

Yes it's entirely possible that personal products can go off, that they can become contaminated with various agents such as bacteria and mold, and this can also be a risk to your health as well as the risks from the chemical ingredients found in the products.

Despite the fact that most of the personal products found in the stores contain preservatives, (often these preservatives are parabens which are a health risk of themselves), it is still possible for these products to go off.

They may have even gone off before you open the bottle. In fact the FDA, in November 2011, held a meeting to attempt to learn more about the risks posed by microbiological contamination of cosmetics, and to formulate formal guidelines about this.

This of course poses various risks to your health, and for this reason it is extremely important, when using personal products, to observe some simple and commonsense rules.

Don't share your products with other people. This can lead to contamination. Take care to keep the implements like brushes and applicators that you use to apply the products as clean as possible. Don't just use them and put them away.

Don't store your products in places which are hot or humid, such as your bathroom. Keep them in a cool place.

And pay particular attention to any products which go on or around your eyes, your eyes are particularly sensitive, and very susceptible to products which may have become contaminated.

If you're aware of this problem you reduce the risk of using products which may have become moldy or contaminated with bacteria. This of course helps protect your health.

Don't assume that your personal products such as cosmetics and skin care products, soaps shampoos and more, will last forever. They are, like most other things, susceptible to going off, so if you follow some simple precautions you'll help reduce your risk.

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