Being Fearless (or working through the fear) is one thing I can appreciate about my personality because I like to take risks and achieve in life. I love a natural rush and natural high when taking risks and breaking through that fear. I will take on just about anything for the most part, except anything that has to do with snakes, I hate snakes and the feeling I have towards snakes goes beyond the feeling of fear. Many think I don’t have fears, but I have lots of fears, and just last week I had the fear of failure.

My body got all warm, and then I started to sweat a little and all these thoughts kept going off in my head. I know I’m not alone and I know that this was a mild case, but I felt the fear and pushed through it. Fear is part of our Identity, but I believe we can’t let it control our Identity’s. We have to face fear, embrace it and come out stronger in the end.

I know, you’re asking, what the heck are you talking about already…well, If you haven’t heard, we just launched our first Identity Five – Scratching the Surface show on Monday. I almost pulled the plugged and was going to wait one more month to launch because I had the fear of failure. I thought to myself, what if they don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy the show? What if they don’t get the message that I get from my guests, who’s even around in July to watch this, and what if they simply hate it?

So here area a few things I did to move through the fear and be fearless:

1. Slap: I slapped myself in the face, well cheek but face sounds better ha-ha. This woke me up a bit and straightened me out and slapped the fear right out.

2. Reflect: I closed my eyes for a few seconds to calm down. I used this to listen to my gut and to focus back on the reasons why I wanted to launch the show and connected to the feelings of inspiration, motivation, and validation that I received from the interviews myself.

3. Let Go:I simply let go of the fear. I shrugged my shoulders and thought “you will inspire those who want and are meant to be inspired now and because you have nothing to lose.”

So there you have it; short, sweet, and 3 simple ways to be fearless.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Vernicek (vern-na-check) left her corporate graphic design job after being forced to stare at the “imperfections” of her face for a year. The business needed to get proportions “perfect”, and Susan was the guinea pig. Day in and day out, Susan would leave the office feeling awful. After all, just like most women, she loved magazines, never felt “good enough”, and constantly battled with her self image. Manipulating her face at the age of twenty five was the last straw- Susan was emotionally beaten up, and, knowing she was not alone, felt the need to use her graphic design skills to create something positive.

Hence, Identity was born – the online magazine designed to empower women to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™