Method No 1: Be Grateful

Think of, and make a list of, all that already exists in your life for which you can feel grateful. Read this list daily for at least 90 days. Add to the list each time you think of something else for which you can feel grateful.

Gratitude and love initiate the law of attraction, bringing to us even more of whatever makes us feel these positive emotions. When we feel grateful for what we already have, we are recognizing how blessed and how loved we are by the universe. We are acknowledging that we have already been given so much and that it is very natural to receive even more.

When we do not recognize how much we already have to feel grateful for, then we are declaring that we do not feel blessed or loved by the universe and the natural result would be to not attract what we need. Look at it this way: if you do not recognize what others have given you, then you do not expect them to give you anything in the future; when you feel that they have given you much, then you fully expect that they will continue to do so. The same is true for the universe and the Divine.

We are truly blessed

So many of our fellow beings on this planet do not have what we take granted. In fact, 80% of the planet lives on less than 400 dollars a month, and 60% of our brothers and sisters live on less than 60 dollars a month. It has been stated that only 8% of the people on the planet have bank accounts. Many millions do not have running clean water, something we take for granted. Millions do not have education or freedom of movement or speech.

When we recognize that we are blessed and loved by the Divine and the universe and that we have been given so much, then we develop the psychology of deserving and naturally receiving more of all this goodness.

Attention augments

We attract in general whatever we allow our attention to focus on. Our attention is very much intensified by our emotions and our emotions are a basic force in our creative power. We attract more of what we complain about, reject, criticize and hate. We attract more of whatever we allow to annoy us. We also attract more of what we love, appreciate and feel grateful about. Every time we remember to feel grateful for what we already have, we attract more of what we want and need.

In order to realize how blessed we really are, we might need to expand our perception of abundance. Most people measure their abundance exclusively by how much money and possessions they have. These may, to some degree, contribute to our abundance. Equally important, however, are health, loving relationships, friendships, knowledge, meaningful work, human values, vitality, techniques for changing our inner states, a clean conscience, freedom of belief and expression, nature, the sun, flowers, music, dance, the ability to walk, listen and see, and so many other aspects of our lives that make it abundant, meaningful and fulfilling.

Recognizing our power

Recognizing all that we already have empowers us in an additional way. In comprising a list of all that we have already for which we can feel grateful, we are in reality making a list of what we have actually created. All that we have is the result of our cooperation with the universe. Recognizing that we have already created a reality that is so much more abundant than the majority of the human race allows us to recognize our power.

Think about it: around five billion fellow souls are not yet manifesting the economic security that you have that allows you to buy this book and have the time to read it. One billion people are not yet creating access to clean running water. Six hundred million are not yet able to create proper shelter for their children. Ninety percent are not yet creating the ability to have a computer. You are already a powerful creator, manifesting a long list of people, things, services and comforts you can feel grateful for.

Our gratitude list opens us up to ever more abundant realities as we feel blessed, loved, lucky and also powerful enough to create even more. I encourage you to make that list now, before you continue.

It is important to acknowledge your family members (and if you cannot, then analyze why not), home, work, body, senses, freedoms, knowledge, abilities, techniques, values, nature, shelter, food, services, appliances, computers, this book, the ability to read it, and anything else you can think of.

You would also benefit from feeling grateful for difficulties that you have passed through, or are passing through, that can make you a more thoughtful, more spiritual, more sensitive or better person.

Exercise no. 1 – Make your gratitude list. Be sure to add to it daily and to read it daily for at least 90 days, preferably when you wake in the morning and/or before sleeping.

Exercise no. 2 - You can also strengthen your feelings of gratitude and appreciation by sharing your feelings with others. You can take turns sharing how you feel blessed and lucky to have what you have. Many people are stuck in the habit of complaining and even competing with each other as to who has the more difficult life. We have become programmed to seek attention and self-worth through suffering and complaining. Some wear their suffering and problems like “war medals” on their chest for others to see. Share with someone all that you have for which you feel grateful. If you feel grateful for specific persons in your lives, share that fact with them.

Exercise no. 3 - If, for some reason, you cannot do this with others, share such feelings with yourself while looking in a mirror. There is an added benefit to verbally expressing these positive emotions.

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