Life is the combination of happiness and sorrow. And it comes in the life of everyone. Everybody remains busy for seeking a magic formula for turn their life pleasant. There are certain ideas which can lively keep you happy. Have a look –

Follow the formula ‘simple living high thinking’. For many of us unnecessarily overlook and analyze our work with many complicated ways. Always choose a simple way to finish your work. Spend most of the time with your family. Especially in the morning and in the evening keep your company with your family.

Don’t leave your own problems for your families. Make a plan for attaining your goal that you believe will make you happy. Your first priority to choose your target is to target the work you are interested in. That will help you gaining your goal without any botheration and suffocation.

Don’t always engage with the fruitless and dull tasks. But be busy with something that brings some benefits for you and for others as well. Find humour in adverse situation which leads to live a happy life. Don’t be upset on your failure try again and again. While there are sometime to be serious but when it is appropriate, be mingle with the attracting activities.

Being among the friends provides the different charm of life. If you are apart from your family as you do service, stay with the room partner. Select your room partner who is amicable and helpful.

The habit of forgiveness is the best medium to make a hopeful life. It has been found that the attitude of forgiveness pays a significant contribution for better cardiovascular health. If you forgive someone means you have reduced your stress. So develop the attribution of forgiveness for leading a happy life.

It is said that foods, cloths and shelter are the basic needs in everyone’s life. So you must have potential to fulfill these requirements. Earn money so that you can avail your family members for these necessary amenities. Remember that earning enough money cannot turn your life pleasant and prosperity but you need to develop love among your friends and relatives. If you think that with money you can buy anything, you are wrong because true love and true relations cannot be achieved with money.

Be grateful to others. Paying thanks to others respectively will normal your and sooth your life. You will feel comfortable and satisfied. Thon a bite whether how many times have you said Thank you or how many times have you received thanks. These seem unnecessary but it casts the effective impacts on your life.

There are some of the minor things that cause bitterness in your life. Avoid saying ‘I have to do this’ but say ‘I do it’, don’t say I’I have to go’ but in lieu say ‘I go’. Be enthusiastic in doing your jobs. Don’t think that the specific tasks have been imposed on you. But bear interest in it and complete it soon.

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