So much happening in the sky that is both rocking our worlds and bringing us much support. It depends on the channel you are tuned into.

This week is Guru Ram Das' Birthday week. What does that mean? It means that this is a perfect time to bow, give up your sorrows and pain. Give them to Guru Ram Das who was the 4th Sikh Guru and known as the healer of hearts and the world.

The Golden Temple (the temple he started) is built for healing. There is no other reason. It is the most visited and the most prosperous Sikh temple (and the most sublime to me) in India. Give it up so you can be healed, made whole, see the whole picture.

Pay attention to what you are taking on at this time. Make sure there is enough time to feed your soul otherwise you will most certainly land up depleted and crazed.

I have had more than the usual number of people calling me or just coming over in "states." Don't let yourself go there. You need exercise, you need prayer and meditation.

It is not just, "Oh that would be good," it is that it is necessary. Plan your day around your meditation and exercise as opposed to maybe using the time you have to take care of those things.

To be truly effective now you must have these components covered. Yes, food too. Think live, fresh that will give you life, not take it from you. The tendency right now is to eat your beloved "Junk." Don't even have it around.

Really give this week and next week over to more of the healing and less of the things that do the stealing from you. You have the list of where you can come to join us for chanting, but don't stop there. Go above and beyond in your creative opening.

I just spoke with someone today that said she read an old journal from 1978 and her longing was very apparent even then. Then she and her husband read a letter her husband had written when he was 21 and that, too, revealed a deep longing. These made them very grateful and ready to meet the challenges life will surely share with each of us.

Are you saying "yes" to what is coming and ready to use it to open up more deeply? Then they read such a profound writing from his father that spoke of his experience as a child where he felt part of all and everything and how he never lost that feeling. He was the observer of his life.

When did you have this experience? Please share it with me and others. When did you have the experience of feeling totally connected to everything? Can you summon that up again. This is why we really go to physics or get our charts done - to connect to what is unknown to us.

I will tell you that I will be sharing very deep meditations in the next few months. We will be spending longer on the ones we do to stretch into that place of "I Am ness."

Remember you have the chance to join me for Peru for Machu Picchu and so much more. This trip will take you right into the depth of yourself and the Universe. You also get $100 off. The price goes up Oct 12th so make the leap. Say yes to what your soul is asking for.

Love and Blessings
Gurutej Khalsa
The Energy Guru

This moment is your chance to see the infinite dance.

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For over 40 years, I have been teaching people how to connect to their higher consciousness through yoga, chanting, meditation and healing. Add me and learn more about me and what I do.