What does that even mean to be INFUSED? I suppose it’s similar to being injected, lit up, electrified, filled…

But, I LOVE this word so much more and it struck a chord inside of me. INFUSED, I feel INFUSED simply just saying it. How do you feel when you say it? Go ahead, say out loud, “I want to be INFUSED!”

I know you’re thinking “Susan, what do I want to be INFUSED with?” ”Anything!” I say. We have the power, but do we have the mindset to want it, feel it and live it? The mind game is much more difficult to conquer, as I challenge my mind mostly everyday. Sometimes I fail and other times I succeed.

Here are some ways to Be INFUSED (Yes, I feel that I have to put it in caps… it’s just the way it has to be with me) Ha-ha

1. Be INFUSED with Tenacity: Tenacity is the quality of being determined to do or achieve anything within yourself or within your life. Do you have tenacity within you? What will give you the tenacity you need? Do you dare to challenge yourself?

2. Be INFUSED with Friends: This doesn’t necessarily mean quantity over quality, but definitely infused with love and support. I can’t even tell you how many times I call my friends and annoy them with my issues I am currently facing. Do you have the friendships that provide love and support? Do you have trust and respect? All of these will have you feeling INFUSED with your friendships.

3. Be INFUSED with Hope: Hope for today, hope tomorrow, and hope for your future. I never knew I had hope until recently, to be quite frank. I use hope as my prayer since I’m more of a spiritual believer. I hope and believe each day that my passions, my goals, and my dreams come to fruition. What gives you hope?

Author's Bio: 

Susan Vernicek (vern-na-check) left her corporate graphic design job after being forced to stare at the “imperfections” of her face for a year. The business needed to get proportions “perfect”, and Susan was the guinea pig. Day in and day out, Susan would leave the office feeling awful. After all, just like most women, she loved magazines, never felt “good enough”, and constantly battled with her self image. Manipulating her face at the age of twenty five was the last straw- Susan was emotionally beaten up, and, knowing she was not alone, felt the need to use her graphic design skills to create something positive.

Hence, Identity was born – the online magazine designed to empower women to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™