Self Deprecating Comments Have No Place in Your Head

On the path to the heart it is important to love yourself. Loving yourself is more than saying “I love you” in front of a mirror. Loving yourself provides a deep feeling of being grounded and inner peace.

Not that long ago, I was extremely perfectionistic and self critical. My negative self talk kept me feeling bad most of the time. It was a fight to climb the hill to self love. Once I got to a place where I realized if I did not love myself I could never expect another to return the favor, I began to catch myself mid-thought. As a negative thought about myself would begin, I would stop mid-sentence and change it. I would repeat a sentence that was kind and replace the earlier negative comment. When I stopped making negative comments about myself I found clients were more appreciative of me as well. Interesting how that came full circle. This is the Law Of Attraction in action. Whatever you focus on, you attract more of the same, whether your thoughts are negative or positive.

Choose wisely. Monitor your thoughts and change them mid-thought if they are less than positive. I can hear you now, "It is not possible to be positive all of the time." Yes it is. It is a matter of discipline. All habits take approximately 2 weeks to implement, or change.

I heard a voice in my head that really stopped me in my tracks, “God would not say those things about you, why do you?”

Go easy on yourself. Love yourself and nurture yourself as you would a little infant; gently, lovingly. Speak kindly even when the comments are made in your head about you.

Write a list of 12 things that you love about you. This list could look something like this:

I love my green eyes
I love the shape of my nails
I love how connected to nature I am
I love how strong my arms are
I love my lips
I love that I have brown hair
I love how creative I am
I love that I am friendly to others
I love that I can entertain myself
I love that I find myself funny
I love that I am a good mother
I love how connected to God I am

We all have gifts, talents and abilities. Appreciate those abilities. Loving and appreciating you will shift your world. You will open yourself up to more positive and synchronistic events and miracles. Yes miracles happen everyday. Affirming that you are open to receive a miracle today allows that possibility to occur.

God I know that miracles happen every day. I am open to receive a miracle today. Thank you God. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an inspirational author, radio talk show host, speaker, Hypnotherapist, Certified Dating and Relationship Coach and mystic.

Her counseling sessions are channeled with wisdom from your Akashic Records. Transformation takes place at an accelerated pace with wisdom of the ages.

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