In order to be more productive working online you must learn to manage your time better and approach each task with more focus! By doing so you'll soon discover how you can get more done in less time thus allowing you to set your sights on other aspects of your business! One of the best ways to get more done is to be more aggressive when planning your work schedule! Although many feel having too much to do can be distracting and therefore counter-productive there are obvious benefits to maintaining a busy schedule!

More Challenging

Talents and/or skills need to be constantly tested for them to develop further and this is also the case when trying to increase your productivity! In order to get more done you need to schedule more to do which will 'force' you to learn how to best manage your time! Sure having a short 'to do' list may make the day easier but it won't help you accomplish more! You must be willing to push yourself to the limits in order to maximize your abilities to be productive! Potential will remain just that unless you challenge yourself to be better or do better!

More Focus

When you have a busy schedule you tend to bring more focus to your work! People who allow themselves more time than they need to complete assigned tasks are typically less efficient with their efforts! On the other hand a 'busy bee' has learned from experience that to get more done you must stay focused on the tasks at hand! This of course results in less goofing off and therefore greater productivity!

More Urgency

Being truly committed to accomplishing more by scheduling a busy work day gives you a sense of urgency to complete everything you have scheduled! This sense or feeling of course brings more focus to your work thus compelling you to get more done and to manage your time productively! The fact is when you're not being challenged not only do you get less done but the development of your own abilities is at a stand still!

Better Time Use

The root of productivity for anyone is to learn how to improve their ability to make the best use of their time! Here again if you don't have much to do there's little challenge insofar as how you manage your time! Simply consider how much you may accomplish in just one work day compared to an entire weekend you may have off! When we are NOT challenged we tend to relax!

More Accomplished

The bottom line is if you want to accomplish more than you must plan to get more done when scheduling your day! At first having a busy schedule may seem to be a bit overwhelming but once you learn to manage your time more productively, your busy days will bring greater results! Of course results are what is needed to be truly successful!

Learning to be more productive when working online starts with your willingness to accept challenge yourself with a busy work schedule! At first this may seem a bit overwhelming but you'll soon learn to better manage your time thus enabling you to get more done! Quite simply the greater the challenge you may face the more focus you'll tend to have which therefore allows you to increase your productivity! We all possess the ability to be productive but we must constantly challenge ourselves to further develop these abilities and by doing so we stand to experience the 5 benefits discussed above!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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