I woke up this morning and was reminded again of why I am here. It is because I am head over heals IN LOVE with humanity and the entire ecosystem that supports life on this planet.

I have been researching and studying the global spray program, I have seen and read enough research to clearly state, “Metals are being sprayed into our stratosphere.” These metals include Aluminum and Barium to name a few. As far as I know, silence is the answer given when government agencies or pilots are asked about these programs. An alternate response is these are condensation trails and/or they are manipulating weather patterns. All of which is not a sufficient answer for me. Furthermore, none of the above appear to be a good idea and clearly do not add up.
Which has placed all of “US” in an interesting situation…we cannot avoid these metals. Since,” the people” in charge of these programs will not share with the public why they have been spraying for +/-50 years globally. I have decided to post these two links to give you some seed education and general awareness. I do not do share this to scare you but to help everyone start to ask the questions, empower all of US to start to make choices in our daily lives to help counter act the potential results from ingesting these metals. I believe we can choose an alternative path and do not have to be overwhelmed by the damage but commit to changing the future.
The solution in my mind involves simplicity, acceptance of our mortality and respect for all aspects of life. Our native fathers and mothers, are the keepers of this planet and they understood exactly how to live in harmony with our ecosystems. I am not a scientist but I have the intelligence to listen, research and ask questions. We can start taking action while the individuals and groups researching the mysterious jets that continue to fly during the day and night spraying unknown metal compounds into our stratosphore. Then, we can decide where we stand and help those who have already been investigating and asking the questions.

Simple Action Steps:

1. Watch the videos below and do your own research.
2. Look outside do you see the small planes fly by each day releasing a white jet trail? Do you see the “trails expand and the sky become white?
3. Bring awareness in: After days of witnessing the spraying do you notice or hear your family or children complain of respiratory problems, hearts hurting and do you notice your memory is not what is use to be?
4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples. Apples. Apples. Find organic apples and eat them in great bounty. The pectin binds with the metals and elector magnetic radiation and removes them from your body. Wash, then express gratitude for the apples for their many gifts it delivers.
5. Consume Green Leafy Vegetables, some Algae, Tumeric and Kelp. I will be doing more research in this arena.
6. Lemon in hot water also helps remove aluminum.
7. Consult a doctor and ask them how to remove metals from your body and determine if you are getting enough calcium, magnesium, and iron.
8. If your inspired, take peaceful Action. We can be the change agents and often times putting new systems in place without fighting “the unknown opposition” will possibly lead us to a faster solution. Bring consciousness, prayer, love and compassion into the heart to help lead us.
9. If you are a farmer or home gardner, stop spraying chemicals and remediate your soil. (more on this in future blogs and radio shows for solutions)
10. The power of consciousness and visualization: Take time to visualize our bodies, or planet and our ecosystems becoming whole and complete. Take deep breaths and breath in love and exhale love.

I welcome a dialogue, information and solutions. I am here to shine the light on the change on this planet. I am committed to helping it actualize.

Enjoy the movie below…gratitude to those who have risked their lives to help find the answers and educate the human race.

-Watch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFL60wFIc_A&feature=player_embedded

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Inner Wellness Expert, Advocate for Global Change and Visionary & Strategist