To be the best you can be can be as simple or complicated as you choose. And it depends on how complicated you and your life already are and how much more you want. If your idea of a normal life is a big family, lots of friends, hobbies, working full time and running a business then it is bound to be more difficult to sorting out who and what you are, what you want and how to get it. If you simply live in a predictable way, on your own, nobody else to think about, no business or work to consider, then you can simply your life, your goals and your achievements. But you must always remember that the more you simplify what you are and what you want the less you end up with. So it does not always pay to take the easy way, the quick way, the simple way.

It is probably best to take into account your age and if you have any fitness or health problems. Because people who are old and perhaps disabled or dealing with a chronic illness usually have to have a more realistic and less ambitious long term goal. There is no point to someone who is eighty years of age and in a wheelchair deciding they will become the World's greatest athlete, set up a business where it will take years to get to the point they are aiming for or deciding to learn how to dance the fox trot.

The first thing you should do is make a list of the things you are and the things you want to be and achieve in the future. Making a note - also - of your strengths and weaknesses.

Never assume that because something is a strength it should get a lot of your attention in the future. You may be terrific at sewing and you may have made hundreds of dresses for people, but if you do not really enjoy it or feel it is time you would rather spend on something else then make sure you can.

The one thing we all have in common is that we all have just twenty four hours in a day and seven days in a week. Some look for ways to fill that time more, because they have too much time on their hands, others look for ways to cut down on that time they spend so that they can have more time for other things. You will find that if you tell people around you that you are doing a spring clean of your life or you have time you are not sure what to do with they will be quick to tell you to do this and do that, but this is about you. There is no point in grabbing back five hours or more a week of doing something you have decided is not best for you to replace it with doing something which is not you at all simply to please someone else. So do not get caught up in something where you end up giving up something to replace it with something which is worse.

I had a client who gave up a hobby which they sort of enjoyed. But instead of replacing it with something better they ended up being manipulated into visiting an elderly boring relative. They would have been better off leaving things as they were.

You need to know your strengths and weaknesses because you can waste a great deal of time on the wrong things. It is no good saying you love to sing and will become a professional singer if you cannot sing. If it is just a pipe dream. Either you are sure you can or you know you can pay for lessons or whatever it takes to be able to.

I often get people come to me for psychic readings who are living in a sort of bubble, dreaming of how they want to their life to be, with no way of ever achieving it. They want to be a famous rich writer, a famous tv personality, a model, but there is no way this can ever happen. If anyone tells them this they will ignore it and carry on dreaming. Yet they are wasting their lives.

And this is where empowerment comes into things. You can never be the real you and make the most of your life if you let others take over. You must make those decisions. Your attitude must be that this is your life. Even if you choose to sit and watch television all day this is your choice. Nobody else has a right to demand you do something else with that time unless there are good reasons - i.e. you need to go to work to pay the bills or you need to tidy up because the place is in a big mess.
If it is simply a case of how you choose to spend your leisure time then it is your choice.

And once you have worked out who you are and what you will do with your future - no matter if it is the same or totally different to the past - you will have a sense of achievement,a sense of purpose, and a feeling of being more complete. Most people float through life like leaves in a stream. They allow the stream to take them forward to wherever it chooses, they allow people they meet and know to help themselves to their time and set their agendas for them. Sometimes they feel it is more important to feel that they are popular and become people pleasers rather than thinking for themselves and risking people falling out with them or not liking them so much. You will never feel happy and complete if you live this way.

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Beth Shepherd has been helping people with psychic readings, therapy and relationship expertise for more than 40 years. She has been tried, tested and is trusted by experts, celebrities, newspapers and magazines.