“Being the Best You will ever be”
Insights & Tools to help “You” to be the Best You

To move from a Routine Life to a Remarkable Life it is important to look at yourself first. Thinking about how you want to be, what kind of mark you want to make with your life, what would you like for people to be saying about you? Valuing yourself therefore taking care of yourself in a positive healthy way, valuing what you do and the changes you help to implement in each person’s life who come into your life.
How You Can I Make Things Better
Always keep thinking of how you can make the things you do within your day better. Whether that be with Workmates, Colleagues, Clients – How can you implement something Positive & Supporting into their day.
Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge
Each and every one of us no matter who we are responds to genuine compliments, praise and appreciation for our efforts in life. So whether you are the Boss or the Employees, Husband, Wife, Partner, Friend or Children do not forget to appreciate one another and thank each of you every day for the things that are being done, for just being sometimes. In your business or job do not forget to acknowledge these people and the positive role they have in your life.
Focus, Focus, Focus
Remember that the universe works in a very Simplistic Way, What we focus on is what we will get or what we will become. So it is important to make mindful decisions on what you focus on:
Focus on continual improvements
Focus on solutions to the problems
Focus on the actions that need to be put into place from your intentions and make them take place. Taking it one step at a time, but making sure that you do at least one thing per day to back up your intentions
Focus on people excellence – Project 365 (365 days per year): do something every day toward improving your business, your health, your relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself – What can I do better? What can I do more? What do I need to do differently? When you have a meeting, have a meeting with “PURPOSE”. Life moves very quickly so make the most of every minute, but also take time out to “REST, RELAX & RE-COOPERATE,
Focus on the Positives, the Good you see in People & Life, it is so easy to focus on the bad things that happen or the things that annoy us in life or people but the true Art of Success is to find the good in everything.
Care, Care, Bother to Care
Caring for “Yourself” first then that will give you the inspiration, energy and ability to CARE for others
You are a Mentor to other people’s lives and you do make a difference, what that difference is to be will depend on the “CHOICES” you make regarding yourself and your life.

Making the choice to do something extra Special – Going that extra step is what is needed. The only difference between whether you are successful or not - is that you are prepared to do what someone else is not prepared to do

Create environments where people feel “Special” that does not matter if that is your home, the supermarket, your work. Your environment is wherever you are present.
One of the main keys in life is learning to work as a “TEAM” if we attempt to do things single handed whether that be raising a family, engaging with friends or our work environment it will be very difficult and we most likely will not do a Great Job, we will become disillusioned and quite possible burnt out. We need to work together through our differences embracing these acknowledging the importance of sharing with others.

Victory is what happens when ten thousand hours of preparation meets with one moment of OPPORTUNITY!

LIFE – All aspects whether it be business, personal or just acquaintances to be truly “SUCCESSFUL” needs to be Relationship based not Fee or Money based.

Opportunity is about “Reinventing yourself” – what do you need to do to move to the next step in your life:
Do you need to do further study to improve your skills?
What new things to I need to learn?
Who do I need on my team or in my team of life?
Personalize Your Life whether it “is” Business or Work
I know they say you should not get personal, but do you know what I have found it is all personal.
Most of the time we do not go back into a business or continue long term with a friendship if they are not supportive of our needs, care about us or areas of our life. We find in general people far more endearing that recognize Special things about us – it might be our smile, it might be the way we laugh become interactive with us not necessarily in a huge way but just in a genuine caring manner whereby we feel – Happy, Appreciated and Motivated to make healthy changes in our life.
This is when people feel at their best when they are recognized in this manner.
So yes, do personalize your practice, work environment as well as your personal environment it is important to creating healthy, happy people.
So in moving from the Routine to the Remarkable, focus on you’re:
So in order to be the “Best you can be”,
Know what your Dreams are and write them down as this is Powerful
Don’t Expect to happen overnight, it takes time, commitment, understanding & continual persistence including patience.
Never take anyone or anything for granted because no matter how different they may seem we all have the same needs.
Never “Give Up”
True Success

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people & the affection of children
To earn the appreciation of honest critics & endure the betrayal of false friends
To appreciate true beauty, to find the best in others:
To Value other’s path in life even though we may not agree with it
To leave the world a better place – Whether by a healthy child,
A Garden Patch
A redeemed social condition
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
That is to have succeeded

Author's Bio: 

Julie is the Owner of Julie’s Naturopathic Health Care Services, a company dedicated to providing it’s clients with a holistic range of Natural Therapies and Treatments to help them live happier and healthier lives. Her business was established because of her strong commitment to provide people with the best knowledge, strategies, treatments and services to assist them to become well, it then grew from my passion to help touch as many people's lives as possible.

With an extensive education in Naturopathic, Herbal, Homeopathic and Nutritional Medicine, and Remedial Massage Therapies from the SA College of Natural Medicine, Julie sought a career that could compliment her achievements as a mother to three sons. Launching herself into the ranks of entrepreneurs in 1990, Julie founded her company to embrace and extend her full spectrum of expertise as a fully accredited Naturopathic Practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd.

For more than two decades, Julie has offered the least invasive and most effective natural therapies and treatments, to assist her clients in conquering a variety of illnesses ranging from a common cold to cancer. Evidencing her reputation as an expert in natural treatments, Julie is frequently requested to speak about a variety of health options by a number of health organizations in Australia.

Recently, a young girl commenced a school based apprenticeship and training with Julie, while also completing year 12. Julie says, "The young girl Cassie hopes to study in all the areas of my business as a full time career."

She goes on to state, "My proudest moments are when I see people transform their lives. I work hand in hand with them to gain their health, balance & in turn their lifetime dreams become accomplished. This makes me very proud not of me but of them. For me it gives me the inspiration to keep going and believe that I can help make a difference