As coaches, you have a wealth of content at your fingertips. Developing great content is easy. However, getting that information to your prospects in a way they will immediately understand the value of what you offer may not be so easy. Here are 10 tips to remember when developing your content no matter what form that content takes.

1. Know your audience & their needs.
What is the problem you are solving for your audience? What are their needs and what do they want to learn? If they don’t need or want it, why create it?

2. Understand your objective – both for yourself and your audience.
What outcome do you want from developing this content? What is the take away you want your audience to get? What exactly do you want your audience to do with the information?

3. Why are you developing the content?
Are you creating the content because you want to or because there is a real need for it?

4. What is the 1 main point your want to get across?
Make sure the information you develop relates to the one most important information you want to get across. Beware of information creep. Too much unrelated information or too many details can lead to information overwhelm and disengage your audience.

5. What delivery format is best for your target audience?
Understand the learning styles and needs of your target audience. Do they have similar learning styles? Should you deliver your content in different ways? In what way do they consume their information? For instance: sales people often listen to audio recordings in their car. Is a CD the best format for them?

6. Engage both sides of the brain through delivery.
Some people naturally use the left, logical side of the brain. Gravitating towards facts, details, and numbers. Others use the right, creative side more naturally. These people are more attracted to visualizations, stories and abstract information. Try to incorporate both styles in your content.

7. Is the information easily implemented?
People don’t want information that is complicated and unusable. Make sure your information is something they can start using right away. This increases the value of your content.

8. Organize your content in an easily understood, logical order.
Don’t make them have to work to figure out what you are trying to say. Plan a logical, sequential order for your content. This will naturally lead your audience through the story of your content making it enjoyable & easy to read.

9. Make sure you are bought in to your information.
If you’re not bought in, they won’t be bought in. Share your enthusiasm and passion for your information. Passion is contagious.

10. How can your content be repurposed, re-leveraged, or reused?
Why recreate the wheel every time? Your content can be used in different formats. Articles can be re-levered as E-books. Ebooks can be repurposed into E-courses. E-courses can be reused as teleclasses.

By incorporating these 10 tips into developing your content, in whatever form it is delivered, will ensure you create high quality information that will grab and keep your audience’s attention. This will set you up as the person to come to when looking for answers.

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Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas works with certified coaches to go from confused, frustrated, and blocked to gaining clarity, resources, and re-energize your business so you can authentically market your business and enjoy the ride. Visit for instant access to your own free Marketing Survival Guide.