Current affairs are important parts of our lives. With this year of 2011, many events have taken place, it has been Eight months but a lot has happened and current affairs have traveled around the entire world. . These current affairs fill the newspaper every day, one need to be updated in order to know about the growth or hampering in the economy or the business deals in the corporate world. One needs to have thorough knowledge of these affairs and be updated in order to know the status and the position of countries at a global level. Most importantly, in order to pass successfully in many exams, it is very essential to know about the current affairs.

Current affairs are very important for preparation of examinations, especially competitive exams. In competitive exams a major portion consists of questions regarding current affairs like sports, science, economy, agriculture, etc. students adopt various measures for preparation for these exams.

It is very important to be well aware and updated with the current affairs, in today’s time. India is a vast country and all the states are inter-related. One achievement in state affects the other. News, be it national or international, is important In our country we have the motto of being together and the sense of belonging together as a family is strong.

Current affairs cover news from every field and every corner of the field. It can be gossips about a famous superstar or political tension between two countries. News spread quickly and due to growing popularity of mass communication, it is accessible to even the remotest areas.

Current affairs are the backbone of civil service exams which is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) to judge the candidates on their knowledge regarding current affairs not only in the exams but also in the interview session that follows the exam.

Teachers nowadays, are resorting to teaching the students in new and innovative ways, one of the most frequently adopted way is conducting quizzes in the classes. This not only helps the students to know about these particular subjects but have knowledge about current affairs in totality. A current affair quiz would include all the Current affairs and news in every field. Be it sports, corporate world, entertainment, finance, agriculture, education, and much more basically all the information that might affect us in any way. There are practice quizzes for current affairs preparation, available in internet, magazines etc. these quizzes cover various areas of life, current discoveries and happening in science, new achievement by sports personalities, current happenings in politics and much more.

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