With everyone pushing this pill and that product and this method, losing weight could get very confusing. Once you learn the basic principles of lasting weight loss, the rest will become clear and attainable, the confusion will disappear.

The way we live to eat is sending us and our children to a early grave. We live in the land and time of plenty, most kids in North America never will experience true hunger. If the solution to the weight problem was uncomplicated then most folks would not be overweight at all, but it takes more effort than most individuals care to give.

Rule 1 is to adjust our way of treating foods. Before we physically do anything to get in shape, our brains have to begin the weight loss process.

More meat and dairy will mean more calories and fat. I dear you to think of a processed food that does not contain some form of animal protein. Its in everything! Reduce the amount of overall flesh foods you eat.

Other snack foods that are fattening are potato chips, fries and similar foods, please avoid them.

The goal here is to start putting into your body highly nutritious foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, but low in saturated fat and oils. Most persons are shocked at the diet results that they see once this change is made.

If you need to keep gaining weight then nothing works better than having a tiny breakfast, a mediocre lunch and a huge dinner right before bed. This way of eating also increases insomnia.

Those late night suppers are going directly to your waist line. No more eating late at nights.

Our stomachs are very elastic and can stretch to a very impressive size. But it was not meant to accommodate the portion sizes that we have today.

A good cardio workout is essential for the complete lifestyle change to occur.

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