SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an organic or natural way of optimizing a website to obtain or increase visitors or traffic and by means of making quality and searchable keywords. The higher the visitor or traffic, best keywords used and the effective and efficient way of optimizing the site, the higher possibility of a website to get higher Page Rank in search engines. What does Page Rank mean? Page Rank is very important in websites. It shows how a certain website grow, progress, develop and its popularity. Page Ranking is from 1-10 and 10 is the highest.

SEO expert is using several SEO techniques in order for his client's website to obtain higher traffic and also to increase the client's sales. The most effective SEO technique used is the White Hat SEO. In this technique, the website could easily be indexed by the search engines and could avoid the penalized of the website because White Hat SEO is legal to use.

Article submission, blogging, social bookmarking and directory submission are just few ways of optimizing a website. These are very effective because if the content caught the attention of the user, he or she will visit the site and will explore on it. A good quality and related-to-the-site content is very important for the user. They will get interested on the site or may purchase to the products that a site is selling.

Nowadays, in many Information Technology progressive countries, there are SEO services that can help online businesses be on top of every search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, of course, with pay. Some online businesses that are not too progressive before, when they get involved in the Search Engine Optimization, their online businesses are now very successful. They have earned higher sales, Page Rank and were visited by so many customers or internet users.

To all the online businesses who want to use SEO or hire SEO experts, I would like to remind you that you have to be, somehow, knowledgeable about the world of SEO to avoid misunderstandings between you and the SEO expert. And most of all, hire those who have proven their effectiveness and efficiency. Be sure to check their background.

My words of wisdom "Nothing can stop for being on Top". Just be more creative, resourceful and doing the right things and doing things right, your online business will reach the top by means of Search Engine Optimization.

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Olive Joy Villegas is a webmaster by profession. She is currently working as online representative at Dlinkers SEO Services, a SEO Company based in the Philippines. SEO Services provided by SEO Expert in the Web Industry.