Summer is coming and it is the ideal time of year to celebrate the wedding on the beach, near the sea with the ocean as the only decoration. Most of the couples who opt for a wedding on the beach prefer to celebrate the ceremony. A beach wedding is considered very romantic and is the most symbolic of their union. For Kerala matrimony, among Christians, there is tradition to bring the priest for the wedding.

Wedding at beaches can be the best way to celebrate the togetherness. One can enjoy a tension-free Kerala Matrimony at beaches due to the cool and calm environment. The waves kissing the feet and cool breeze mildly brushing the hair can definitely be an amazing experience.

The beaches have the natural beauty that can make any one fall in love with them. The beautiful background is very picturesque and result in fantastic wedding pictures. A beach wedding can be a wonderful mini vacation for the family members as well as the guests. The best part about the beach wedding is that it greatly reduces the extra head counts. A couple celebrating wedding at the beaches can club the wedding with honeymoon, resulting in saving of lots of money, which can be later used.

Paperwork is also important while getting married on a public beach. Derogation from the town hall should be requested. For a private beach, the owner can be contacted for the rental price as well as to enquire about the availability. The advantage of booking a private beach is that there is no fear of intrusion of extra people, and the party can be celebrated privately. The beaches in Kerala are pretty beautiful. Those who are willing to get married on the Kerala beaches can contact some travel agencies who offer specialized travelling services and are responsible for the wedding arrangements there.

Once the private beach, cocktail can be arranged on site during the day. For dinner, there are a number of choices:

1. Restaurants at the beach: Many restaurants are generally available in the resorts and are often on the beach. This will help the host as well as guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the wedding.
2. Resort with sea view: A property for the weekend can be much more profitable. The arrangement will be more personal than a hall and the attendees can enjoy the wedding until the end of the night.
3. Boat: For big budget weddings, boat is the most glamorous option.

The travel agents and wedding coordinators offer various wedding packages. Usually, the wedding package includes:

1. The marriage certificate
2. The translator at the ceremony
3. The wedding coordinator
4. The site decorated for the wedding ceremony
5. The bridal bouquet
6. The groom's boutonniere
7. The wedding cake
8. Champagne toast for the celebration of the newlyweds
9. The decoration of the room for the wedding night
10. The breakfast the next morning of the wedding.

A beach wedding can leave its foot prints over the mind and make the events in the Kerala matrimonial immemorial.

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