As we come close to the year-end and look forward to a new one full of hope, we can rest assured that there is some good news finally. The possibility, that a vaccine for the pandemic that raged throughout the year, is ready for a roll-out, is enough to send a happy wave across the world.
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About Beardsell

Incorporated in 1936, Bearsell Limited is listed in NSE and BSE and is engaged in manufacturing and installation of prefabricated cold storages, cleanrooms for pharma/medical/chemical industries and insulated packaging products.

Cold Solutions

A cold storage is a structure where perishable products are stored for long periods under certain controlled temperatures depending upon the product so that on one hand, storage of this perishable products can be done and by elongating the shelf life these products are available in the market all through the year irrespective of seasonal variation.

The Elements of a Cold Storage

Refrigeration is one of the most important elements in cold storage and it has to be designed by experienced refrigeration experts.

As a full-service provider, Beardsell manufactures and supplies modern cold storage doors relevant to various temperatures from its new door manufacturing division at its Karad facility.

The team suggests that to improve the coordination between farmers, the cold storage companies and distributors need to develop standardized logistic infrastructure and information systems so that the produce is delivered to the end customers in time.

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