Located I Bakersfield in the state of California in United States the Beardsley School District traces back its origin to the last part of the 19th century. Starting with only two teachers, and average daily attendance of only 25 students, the school grew in strength with the passage of time.

Brief Background and Campus Features of Beardsley Elementary School

Built in 1903, Beardsley Elementary School started as a ten room structure made of brick masonry that cost around $60,000 at that time. Other features of the school were as follows.

* It was originally captioned Huntington Road School.
* On the petition of the PTA the school was renamed after the land donor James Beardsley as the Beardsley Elementary School.
* The original building was destroyed by a fire in 1938.
* It was rebuilt with large WPA grant and served as the area bomb shelter during the Second World War
* Lunch facilities were added during 1960s.
* At the same time it became a Pre-K to Grade 6 School.

Student Enrolment

Originally the school had only 229 boys and 182 girls during the first decade of the twentieth century. Number of students increased to over 650 by mid 1990s. It also had 30 teachers by that time. Students come from different ethnic background giving diversity to the school.

Beardsley Intermediate School

It is one of the three elementary schools in the Beardsley Elementary School district. However it did not make AYP in 2010 under the “no child left behind” program in United States. It had the growth score of around 675 in 2010 while the base score as determined for the state of California was 678. Thus the school did not meet the school-wide growth target fixed. The school serves 387 students in grades 4-6 currently.

North Beardsley Elementary School

This school also did not make the AYP in the year 2010 with a growth score of 712 and base score of 748 those were well below the rate of 800 fixed by the state of California for such schools. It serves 590 students in grades K through 3.

San Lauren Elementary School

Third school in the Beardsley Schools district, San Lauren Elementary School is a public school that serves 390 students in grades K-6. With growth rate score of 780 and base score of 783, it also failed to make the AYP in 2010.

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