Best Workout for Fat Guys

Still looking up the best workout for fat guys on the internet? The uber fitness-centric world, along with the competitive social media ecosystem, makes it extremely hard for a fat guy to feel good about himself. Often times, someone on the heavier side feels uncomfortable with their body to even try and make a change. However, we are here to tell you that the workout plan that you are thinking about is actually possible if you take that first important step. If you don't do it for anything else do it for your health. Once you stick to a routine and are consistent you will see the result of your hard work. If you are a little lost about where to start, we are here to guide you through this journey.

Taking a body from zero to intense action is not a great idea, and we advise that you make a gradual progression by introducing several low impact activities to your workout routine. The idea is to get your body accustomed to moving and once you get comfortable with this; you can slowly introduce more challenging workouts to your routine. Soon you will see that your body is more agile and the results of your efforts are showing, thereby proving more motivation for your fitness journey.

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It seems like a no-brainer, but most people wave it off and question its effectiveness. However, walking is one of those exercises which is flexible enough to encompass everyone out there. It requires no equipment monetary investment and can be achieved at home, the gym or a park. Not only is it sufficiently low impact, but it also increases strength and mobility and can be done at a slow pace or rigorous as per your level of fitness.

Even though walking is variable enough to include everybody you might want to talk to your consult your doctor if you have pain in your back or hip area before you start any exercise plan.

Aqua Jogging

Activities which are based in water are great for pain management as well as for their weight management. Water aerobics is a great form of exercise and is available at many fitness clubs and local pools. For those looking to work out on their own aqua jogging is an amazing low impact and effective workout. Essentially it is just jogging in a body of water with the aid of a buoyancy belt. With this exercise you can get all the benefits of movement without the high-intensity impact which can come with running. Aqua jogging doesn't take a lot of preparation. You just need a buoyancy belt, or a pool noodle and a pool or swimming area that is not too deep.

Group Exercise Sessions

One of the most reliable ways to commit yourself to a workout routine is to pursue a social support team. Group training classes are an excellent place to meet different people with the same goal and is also a great place to network and make friends.

Before signing up you should ask to sit in or get a free pass to try it out. Remember that an overweight person needs a longer duration to go through some movements, so wait to observe if the speed of the course is not too fast for you to catch on. Also, watch the way the instructor leads the routine. Look for an accommodating teacher to give an abundance of advance notification for motion or direction.

Strength Training

Best Science Based Bicep Workouts to Increase Size and Strength - EZ Bar curl

There are several reasons everyone should begin and maintain a strength training routine for overall health and longevity. However, for a fat guy who is carrying extra weight the benefits are life-changing. Regular practice of strength exercises can improve issues related to posture from carrying excess weight, weight loss and improve the range of movement in all of your joint areas. When you train your muscles, you heighten your metabolism and increase your muscle mass while decreasing body fat.

Getting a gym membership is not mandatory. You can also start lifting weights at home by adding a few pieces of equipment. In addition, you can use a single sitting with a personal coach to learn simple practices to get you commenced and show you technique tips that will help you to keep in the perfect shape. You can also use online private classes to gain admittance to a certified trainer who can guide you through a cycle.


Biking is an excellent way to burn calories with less impact on your joints. Cycling is a smart choice if you have ailments like back pain, leg and joint problems. Also available are cycling cross trainers on some stationary bikes, which offer more variation if you need more challenging workouts. This machine is comparable to a stair climber and lets you manage both the upper and the lower body with decreased pressure to your joints.

If you don't have the room or the budget for a bike or a cross trainer, contemplate a portable peddler. These small, light machines let you pedal while being seated at your desk or in a chair.

Mind-Body Exercise

Mind-body exercises are something that took off in a short amount of time and has become more available in local classes and groups around the world. These include yoga, meditation, and martial arts. Most of the balance-based yoga moves are quite difficult for overweight beginners but with practice, they can easily be mastered and be a great activity for losing weight.

Tai Chi is another great mind-body exercise that is comprised of a flow of sweeping movements to enhance the scale of motion in the joint area and to consolidate some balance postures. Tai Chi also combines meditational components which help to reduce stress and to refine your sleeping cycle. All factors that can help reduce your weight.

Stair climb

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts Stairs

Who needs the Stairmaster when you have actual stairs? Stairs are an easy and highly accessible workout opportunity. It is a highly effective way to shed those pounds while building your overall cardiovascular fitness. So, stop yourself from taking the elevator every time when you have a perfectly good staircase right in front of you. This is also something that you don't have to make time in your busy schedule and can be well-incorporated in your everyday routine.

Front lunge

Start by standing with feet pushed together and take a big step forward with your right leg, settling on your heel, and lower down till your thigh is parallel and your back and your knee is almost touching the ground. Use the wall for balancing if you feel like you are off-balance. Push back to your initial position and start the move again with your other leg. Start by doing five lunges on each leg, and you can increase them as you get more comfortable and find a rhythm.



One doesn't get a six-pack instantly, and while the six-pack dreams might not be in your future, having a strong core might be an excellent first step in that general direction. Start by kneeling on the carpet with your toes firmly placed on the ground and elbows underneath your shoulders. Keep your legs straight, so your body forms a straight line . Take extra care not to push your butt up or let your hips sink. Hold that position as long as you possibly can and let yourself sink. Do this two more times, and it's a good start.


Man doing crunches

There are very few exercises which work as well as crunches. It burns fat easily and is known to be ranked pretty high when it comes to exercises which help in  losing weight. So you might want to consider doing crunches every day and making it a mandate in your weight loss program. You can start by laying down flat with your arm behind your head and bend your knees and your feet on the ground. Lift your torso off the floor to do a crunch and go back to your original position.. Feel free to start small and build up from there. As a beginner, start from 10 crunches per set and try to do at least 2 to 3 sets per day.

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration from your surroundings and the motivation to fight the battle every single day even when you feel like giving up. The change should be in your mindset and also your body. If you genuinely want to change, no hurdle is too hard for you to overcome. The exercises listed above are straight forward and you do not need to feel intimidated but dig deep for the motivation. Follow them carefully, and you will hardly recognize yourself few months. Good luck on the new you!

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