Hosepipe ban news... No matter how we may all feel about it, the reality is many people will be experiencing one of the current hosepipe bans which most suppliers expect to last all Summer, perhaps into Autumn and beyond. The BBC reported that it will effect about 20 million people and those who flout it could fined up to £1,000.

Even if you are not affected we should all be smarter about how we use water. With a couple of simple measures and innovative products you can save water and your money. Find out how below.

This very clever & effective design allows you to clean your Car, Windows, Conservatory, Boat, Caravan etc using very little water. Not only will you be able to effectively clean everything you used to clean with your hosepipe during the ban, but you will be helping the environment.

Doing that your wallet by not getting a £ 1000 fine due to the hosepipe ban! Not just for use during a ban! You will use less water with this system which means you will also have less waste and if you have a water meter less water used means less money spent!
• Hose less Car Cleaning System
• Beat the Hosepipe Ban
• Ideal for Cleaning the Car, Windows, Conservatory, Boat, Caravan, Paintwork etc
• Attachment included making it perfect for spraying plants in the garden or allotment
• Made in the UK

Do you have an allotment or perhaps you are a keen gardener who is worried about what the hosepipes ban will mean for your allotment or garden? Again, this will be invaluable! The main features that make this Water Saving System work so well are following:
• It is non kink hose
• The pack includes clips to hold to the bucket
• Water pressure is provided via a one way valve
• The pack also includes an extension pole, enabling you to reach the top of your car, the windows of your house
• Again included in the pack is an adjustable spray... so you have control over the water spray

And although a water ban may be bad, this is good, because being smarter about water saves the environment and saves you money. See below for some basic tips to get you started on your own water saving mission and it is easy!

Take shorter showers: -
1. Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl rather than under the tap
2. Use dishwashers and washing machines only when they are full
3. Use bathwater and washing-up water to wash the car and the garden
4. Save the cold water that comes through before a tap runs hot, and use it to water plants
5. Keep a jug of water in the fridge instead of waiting for the tap to run cold
6. Install a water-saving device in the toilet

There are a lot of good things you can say about this ingenious product, but is there anything good to be said about hosepipe bans? Perhaps, because one thing that does seem to happen is people do start thinking about the amount of water they use...

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