You can control, command and manipulate the lotto numbers. If you want. You can see the lotto numbers before they will be drawn. You can influence what lotto numbers will be drawn. If you want. You are the creator of your success. You are the creator of your winning set of lotto numbers. You can beat your lotto game. If you want. All these and more depend of you. Lotto is a man-made system and that man who made it, was not more intelligent than the man of today.

It is the time to wake up. The old belief installed in our head by misleading information, disappeared from the minds of many people. It is the time to convince yourself about the truth of these rows. Today you can get everything you have ever wanted in life, simply by making that desire, your explicit, undeviating, strong goal. Do you want to become rich from your lottery? It must be your sacred goal. Any goal starts by taking a first step for its realization.

In order to set an indestructible goal, you do not need to tell to anyone about it, especially if you want to become rich from sc lottery. It is something you do only for yourself. Plus you avoid the risk of letting to everyone else bringing his opinion and blocking your way. They can tell you that it is impossible, based on that old opinion that lotto is random issue, luck, chance and chaos. All these are not true, but they can stop you from reaching your goal because also you are not well prepared in this moment. Another reason of keeping your goal secret is that, later, when you will be rich, you will not want to split your abundance with everyone.

Next step is to write down your goal clearly and in a concise manner. Read it every day paying attention to every meaning of every word and observe if it impresses enough your mind. If there is not an emotion connected to it, change that word. Now start to fantasy often about your goal. Imagine the formidable consequences of being rich from this impossible domain. Whenever you imagined ten times it, make a short pause and, after this, form a mental image with all the negative things you will have to deal after you will win.

Considering these things you make your goal more realistic and, in the same time, it will help you to know exactly what steps you need to take to get there. Now act for your goal realization. Everything you will do should be ultimately for the purpose of being able to create your reality. You have to prove it to yourself. Yes, you can. No excuses.

Look at it this way - If you buy just a single ticket for each of the aforementioned games, you would be about 600 times more likely to win the jackpot on the Wild Money ticket. Astonishing, isn't it? Sure, the jackpot isn't as high as it is in Powerball, but being considerably more likely to win with Wild Money, it's better to win something rather than nothing, don't you think?

The game has other, smaller prizes as well. The secondary prizes range from $5 if you match 2 numbers, plus the extra ball., to $1500 if you match 4 numbers, plus the extra ball.

Florida Lottery's Mega Money game is a unique game in the lotto world. That's because when the jackpot reaches a certain level, most of the payouts in the secondary prizes increase as well. I'll get to the increased payouts, but first I'd like to discuss the odds and prize payouts for the main draw.

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