How can a person get respite from a cold?A common practice of people is having a light diet. More specifically, he must not have processed foods and sugar, and have a diet of immune boosting food. Such foods include citrus fruits, green vegetables, and berries for making a person more alkaline. Bone broth and foods rich in pre and probiotics are good!

Polyphenols present in apple cider vinegar, lemons, and broths rich in antioxidantsrepair one’s immune system. They also clear microbes in the digestive tract and offer respite from sore throats and cough.

Healing herbs that areanti-inflammatoryand antioxidant in nature help rid the body of contaminants that includedetrimental microbes.

European nations treat colds with herbs and plants.

Then, there are Essential oils.

The use of an enzyme for cold

A more recent inclusion in the above list is the enzyme that silkworms produce called Serrapeptase. It liquefies proteins that sometimes accumulate in the body due to inflammation and injury. This enzyme has several health benefits. It makes the mucus thin and so helps clear sinuses due to cold.

The benefits of this enzyme are due to its protein-dissolving properties. One benefit is healing a stuffy nose due to cold. How does this enzyme do this? By breaking down proteins present in mucus and making the mucus thinner. People now do not need to use a Cough Syrup like Mucinex for a stuffy nose.

The enzyme also helps antibiotics work in the body by killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. At times, antibiotics are the best remedy for colds, and this enzyme makes antibiotics more effective by weakening antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

How to take this enzyme

The enzyme is present as supplements from a number of manufacturers.The supplements are available in brick and mortar and online natural supplement stores. is a renowned online Supplement Store.

Despite a good number of studies using between 20 and 30 mg per day, the dosage differs.A good number of manufacturers have much higher dosages of up to some 10 to 40 times more. People should take these supplements after consulting their GP.

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