Although Iron is one of the most abundant metals on Earth, it may be hard to absorb it into the body. Would you eat a nail to get your iron? Well of course not! A nail, although made of iron is not in a form that the body can use. Iron in the wrong state cannot be absorbed by the body and isn’t any good.

When taking a liquid iron supplement, you want to get the most iron absorbed in to the body as you can. Thus, more iron for your dollar. In minerals, the smaller the molecular form, the better. A good iron supplement is a liquid iron in the atomic size. The smallest iron available today or ever in the future. Why can there never be any smaller source of iron? An atom is the smallest unit of measure when measuring a mineral. Broken down to electrons, it is no longer a specific mineral.

What does Iron do?
Iron is an essential component of proteins involved in oxygen transport. It helps use the oxygen you breathe and spread it through out the body and helps supply oxygen to muscle.

You can take all of the best iron in the world but, with out enough Vitamin C, it may
not do you any good. Other factors for iron usage may include having enough copper and vitamin A.

Almost two-thirds of iron in the body is found in hemoglobin or in the blood.
There are two forms of dietary iron: heme and non-heme. Heme comes from blood and can be found in red meat. This kind of iron is easier to absorb but may be subject to meat from sick animals or contaminated meat.

Non-heme iron comes from plant sources like oatmeal, beans and whole wheat. This form is a good source for those who do not eat meat. Once again, the size of the iron is very important.

What are the signs of low iron?

Some of the signs may include the following:
• Feeling tired and weak
• Slow cognitive and social development during childhood
• Difficulty maintaining body temperature
• Decreased immune function,
• Increased susceptibility to infection

When the body does not have enough Iron it is called Anemia. Iron deficiency anemia can be associated with low dietary intake of iron, excessive blood loss, inadequate absorption of iron, or a deficiency of vitamin A.

People with chronic infectious, inflammatory, or malignant disorders such as arthritis and cancer may become anemic.

Women of childbearing age, pregnant women, preterm and low birth weight infants, older infants and toddlers, and teenage girls are at greatest risk of developing iron deficiency anemia because they have the greatest need for iron. Women with heavy menstrual losses can lose a significant amount of iron and are at considerable risk for iron deficiency. Men usually do not have iron deficiencies, but may do so if they do not get enough iron in their diet.

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