Dealing with stress in your everyday life can cause people to emotionally eat, be inactive after a long day at work and be the propeller in many other factors that can cause weight gain. Stress induced weight gain can be a hard battle to beat but there are a few ways of combating it that can kickstart your weight loss and help you shed that belly fat.

Choosing your fat and foods wisely
This can include things like salads with avocado or food cooked using olive oil. Healthy fats are a great way to keep your body feeling fuller longer which can in turn help when trying to keep yourself from mindless snacking throughout the day.

Adjusting your portion size
When it comes to stress a lot of people happen to be emotional eaters. Frustration, anger, and sadness brought on by stress can cause you to reach for snacks when you aren’t really hungry. This can then cause you to consume more calories than you need in a day which can easily lead to weight gain and stomach pudge. Instead, you should portion out your meals and snacks so that you can snack when you need without adding unnecessary calories.

Eating an apple or drinking water before a meal
If you want to cut down on the calories you eat by causing a caloric deficit and blast some belly fat, you should try eating an apple or drinking a glass of water before a meal. Adding an apple to your routine can fill your stomach with fiber, allowing you to feel more full before eating. The same results happen with water.

Taking a post-meal walk
Taking a brisk, post-meal walk can help normalize your blood sugar levels after eating. If you sit at a desk all day it can be beneficial to take a short walk to create breaks in between and get your heart beating, while being able to avoid stiff joints. These short, brisk walks will also help increase your metabolism by getting your blood pumping!

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