After having consistent weight loss, it is only natural to witness a plateau or find it hard to shed those last 5lbs.

After all, you haven’t felt this confident or felt this happy in yonks. Yet what is the trigger? More importantly, why do we always find it difficult to lose those last few lbs and achieve our dietary goals?

It can be a number of elements really, but the most common are the following:

1. You slipped up and didn’t jump back on

It is only reasonable to get off track on your diet, but you shouldn’t let this one slip up persuade you to behave unhealthily for the remainder of the day. It is still possible to get over this and get your diet regime back on track.

One slip up won’t influence your weight loss plan, but the more often you eat badly, the more likely you’ll put weight back on. If this fits your behaviour, step away from your diet and remember all the weight loss you have accomplished so far. With this re-awareness you’ll find it simpler to restart your diet.

2. Your portion sizes have gradually increased

Occassionally this is so subtle that you don’t even realise that you are consuming an extra glass of fresh orange juice or your 4 ounce pork is now 6. To make sure you are not consuming too many calories, begin watching your nutrient content and analysing your meal sizes. You might uncover this is all you required to jumpstart your motivation.

3. You are allowing too many ‘extra’ treats get past your your line of view

An extra biscuit here or eating a few spoonfuls off children’s meals there, all equate to unnecessary calories that you don’t require.

Please Note: the more lbs you shift, the fewer nutrients your body will need to function. This means as you continue to lose weight, you will have a lesser calorie leeway between the extra calories you ingest. If you are finding it difficult to keep track of your calorie intake, attempt to keep a food journal and note down everything you ingest and their nutrients. You’ll soon be able to identify what is causing you go wrong.

4. You treat the weekend as a break

Whilst you should never deny yourself a treat during your weight loss plan, neither should you see the weekend as as a time to stray. At this level in your diet, it is pivotal to remain consistent and make sure that you are not drinking more beverages or eating larger meals. Even though the additional weight you put on during these days off are just water weight, this extra weight can quickly turn into a problem.

To stop this, establish a weekend meal programme to help you stay in control and utilise a calorie journal to analyse your intake.

5. You are less motivated

It is only natural after shedding loads of excess weight that you are less focused towards losing those remaining 10lbs. Healthier, fitter and a dress size smaller, it is easy to become more laid back. Yet such a view point can back fire on you if you are not careful.

To help jumpstart your weight loss, aim to create|attempt to introduce more accessible short term targets of 2-3 lbs per month. These will help you to remain in control and interested in losing weight.

6. You’ve encountered a plateau

Even if you are eating a balanced diet and are exercising more regularly, if you don’t alter their intensity as you shed that excess body fat, sooner or later you will come to a standstill. The key to jumpstarting your weight loss is to not modify your eating habits, but to intensify your workout. Attempt to challenge your body more by making your aerobics programmes more difficult or incorporating strength training into your regime. These will get your arms working and the fat dropping.

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