I was in a convenience store near my home in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I noticed a young girl waiting patiently. She was maybe 12 years old, with dark long hair. In this girl, I saw great qualities and specifically, energy flow. I saw appreciation, respect and patience. (She was cute.) She looked pretty and shy and sweet. These were pure qualities and there was a pure energy flowing through the girl. I imagined that she was likely from a nearby Native American community and probably just came for a ride with her dad to get gas.

She stayed more than five feet back from the counter, even though there was only one customer in front of her. Just in case someone needed to walk through that area, she gave them plenty of space. I noticed the respect she had for her experience in the store and the respect she had for the other customers. She had her drink in one hand and two dollars in the other while she waited in line.

Maybe, before she entered the store, she had that moment of excitement knowing she could go buy something new. Maybe she asked her father if she could get something from the store. She had that moment of hopefulness and anticipation of how Dad would respond to her request. Her Dad’s positive response was met by sweetness and thankfulness. She would journey into the store by herself, seeing all the products for sale and looking at the bright colors, before she chose her drink.

She was gentle and took great care that her experience stayed special. I took a moment to wonder what went through her mind when she looked at all the products when deciding what to choose for her drink. Coke? Pepsi? Orange juice? Iced Tea? What would she decide on? She had all the options in the world, and the choice was all hers.

I grabbed my beverage and got in line behind her. Funny thing, I stood about five feet back while she made her transaction. I guess I unconsciously followed the example she set for me, with her pure and truthful energy. She inspired those same qualities in me.

I wished at that moment that I could be the cashier. I wanted the chance to say something nice to her, because she was so appreciative of her purchase. She was excited and thrilled, just to be able to buy a can of Arizona Iced Tea. She was filled with a good feeling.

Arizona Iced Teas are only .99. She gave the cashier two dollars and began walking toward the door. “Wait, you have change,” the cashier called out to her. She even got a dollar back, that she could give back to her dad. She was proud. She acted like the whole experience was no big deal, but her expressions of energy showed how beautiful it was for her.

Her emotions and expressions of energy were flowing and beautiful. Before she went entered the store, she had excitement, anticipation and hope to give herself something new. It would make her feel deserving and special. She was perhaps a little bit humble when she may have thought, “Oops, I gave you a dollar too much. Hey, I’m new at this, but I don’t want to appear new. I’m just happy to have my drink.”

I hope she enjoyed her drink and had a great ride home, with a smile on her face.

I love people, and I love to see great emotions like this. The feeling I get, the appreciation I get, the smile I get when I see something like this shows me how my own energy can flow. What do you have that allows your energy to flow? This young lady had a precious, beautiful energy flowing through her. I hope she can maintain it forever. It gave me a good feeling of energy flow. It’s good energy.

So, if you ask what energy is, this is the very tip of the iceberg. It flows powerfully and uncontrollably within all of us. In Goodology, we'll locate any resistance and let it flow.

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