Five sensible tips on taking our time to take it all in

Life in the modern age can seem to be all consuming. I know I find it that way sometimes. I can become so involved in the minutia of media, phone calls, texts and emails that the basic natural outside world seems to just disappear. I was reminded of this last week while walking my dog Dignan. Trapped in my own world, suddenly I felt his eyes upon me and heard his quiet whine. He was staring up at me with this look of “hey, what going on man”? What a perfect moment to bring me back to the real earth. It can be as subtle as the breeze, glance or a sound which may be almost indiscernible but loud enough to get your attention and kick you in the pants. This s your wake up call!

When our heads are in the clouds we are unable to clearly see what’s going on right here on earth. Getting yourself grounded can be as easy as getting in touch with your five senses. Here’s how.

Smell – Inhaling through your nose take in a deep healing breath. Fill your lungs as much and as comfortably as you can. Hold in for five seconds. Let the air slowly out your mouth. Feel how the life sustaining oxygen has energized you. Take in another and look for the smell of things around you; the grass, trees, food cooking whatever is in your environment. Allow yourself to connect with it.

Taste – Take a little sips of air and notice how there is a sweet taste to it. Take another and take note of how it charges its taste.

Touch – Reach down and touch the ground beneath you. Weather permitting slip your shoes off and let your bare feet connect with the earth. Wiggle your toes and feel the grass or dirt and allow yourself to feel you are part of it all.

Hearing – Close your eyes and listen for all the ambient noise around you. Birds, the breeze through the trees, children playing, passing cars, dogs barking know you are part of this. Allow yourself to engage with the sound of your surroundings.

Sight – Open your eyes. Taking a deep breath, connect all of your five senses. Look around. Look for the little things. Twigs, a bottle cap, grass, water be aware of all that surrounds you. Embrace the idea that you are connected to it all.

Because life is hectic and often times we find ourselves over stimulated by what surrounds us, it is important to get back to the basics of what we smell, taste, touch, hear and see. Once you have completed these grounding exercises go on with your daily activities and occasionally check in with each sense. You will find that throughout the day you will be able to find peace, relaxation and the wonder of how awesome our basic senses are and how they are the only thing that keeps us connected to the outside world.

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Thom King has always been a bit of a foodie and health nut. If he wasn't coming up with new and exciting ways to prepare food for friends and family, he was working on a macro-biotic diet. In 1999 Thom founded Steviva Brands, Inc. It is one of the largest importers and distributors of stevia-based products. We invite you to subscribe to Thom's weekly newsletter for great recipes for life.