Our health is dependent on the food we eat. We are what we eat – and what we absorb in our body. Our tissues and organs are built from the food we eat and from the liquid we drink. We are using food as fuel for our cells. Today’s food contains less nutrients than earlier, e.g. 15 years ago. According to many scientific studies we are not getting all the vital nutrients we daily need from the food we eat. The soil does not contain the same amount of nutrients as before due to the intensive cultivation, for example. Also the long transportation distances also play an important role in the poor nutritional content of fruits and vegetables: they are picked when they are raw and then transported a long way.

Unfortunately we get synthetic particles in our body and system from the food we eat, from the air we breathe and from the water we drink on a daily basis. Also our metabolism creates toxins and waste deposits. These are stored between our billions of cells. It is important to clean our body of the waste deposits and toxins so our cells stay healthy and vibrant.

Our colon is like the roots of a tree: it is the very basis for our health and beauty. Healthy colon, healthy and vibrant person. It is said that health and beauty lie in the colon: also death lies in the colon. At least 70% of our immune system lies in the colon.

Also, the condition of our colon is directly reflected in the condition of our skin. An unhealthy colon is reflected as various skin problems (acne etc.).

Here are some tips to improve your health and beauty with small everyday routines:

1. Drink a glass of water each morning before breakfast.
Around two liters of water should be consumed each day.
Water works like a solvent and helps the body to get rid of all the metaboic waiste.

2. Take care of the alkaline-acid balance of your body
Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, whole corn products. Avoid products that will produce a lot of acid in your body: coffee, liquor, sugar, white wheat products.

3. Exercise every day at least for 30 minutes
Exercise is good for blood circulation and metabolism. Also, exercising increases the amount of serotonin in the brain and thus has a positive effect on a person's mental health.

4. Use nutritional supplements on a daily basis
There's no ”mineral factory” in our body; we need to get all the minerals and trace elements from the food we eat. Medication, hormone replacement treatment, long-term medication increases the need for minerals and trace elements.

5. Get enough sleep
Sleep is the time for regeneration and recovery from the day's physical and mental challenges. Minerals are important for a good night sleep. We need calcium and magnesium to have a healthy sleep at night. We sleep better, we sleep deeper and we feel better the next morning.

6. Make a spread out of butter, olive oil and water

Mix the following ingredients:

150 g butter
0,5 dl olive oil
0,5 dl water

You can add some of your favorite herb to the mix if you like.
The mix is ideal for the brain, blood vessels and metabolism and you can spread the mix easily on your sandwich.

7. Eat meals rich in protein (meat, fish, chicken, quark), fiber and trace elements (vegetables, fruit, berries), and less carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta).
If your ”sweet tooth” is aching constantly, it most likely means that your diet includes too much carbohydrates.

8. You can improve the health of your colon and improve your immune system by including fibers in your diet and by making a special home-made jogurt, which contains lots of living probiotic bacteria.

Our health is the most valuable asset we possess. When people are asked the following question: ”What do you value the most in your life?”, many people answer: HEALTH. We need to take care of our health on a daily basis, not only when health problems occur.

We can greatly affect our health with our daily routines. To start a day with a 30 minute walk is a simple, great way to start a day and to give a boost to the body's metabolism. Also, a walk in the morning gives a boost to the body to start burning fat more efficiently.

Health, wellness, youthfulness and beauty are based on healthy cells, optimal cell metabolism, and the acid – alkaline balance of the body. Cell energy is energy of life. Our billions of cells produce the energy. If we have 100% energy, we are fit, we are healthy and we are young.

Prevention is the best and most simple way to prevent health problems from occurring.

Including some routines that are beneficial for our health in our daily schedule can make a big difference in our health and well-being.

Author's Bio: 

Annukka Huotari has been involved in the beauty and wellness industry for past 13 years. During these years she has gained experience on beauty care and preventive health care.
Information on holistic health and beauty can be found at: www.goodfeelingforyou.com. A free report about Nutrition Transport Concept can be obtained also at www.goodfeelingforyou.com.