If you’re in the business of helping other people look and feel beautiful there’s no reason for you to be a “starving artist”. I’m sure you give your clients/customers great value. You deserve to profit from your passion!

We’ve all heard the saying “Pay your dues” but sometimes that means working for FREE, a cycle for some that never ends.

In the beginning I think it's important to work for FREE to develop your confidence, sharpen your skills, learn your industry & network.

A problem that I see for most artists (Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Aestheticians, Photographers, Models, and Fashion Consultants etc.) is that they don’t know how to transition from FREE work into regularly paying gigs. Once you work for FREE don't be afraid to offer your services at the paid rate for the next gig especially if they rave about your work. That's the time to book the next paid gig.

Too many Artists are taken advantage of. You have to strike a balance between working for FREE & getting paid. Otherwise you run the risk of being a "Starving Artist" forever and forever (Not Cute!).

Don’t be afraid to talk about money. Ask for the sale every day! Value your work!

Treat your artistry like a business!

It doesn't matter if you've been in business 1 day, 1 month or 1 year. Know your rates. Get comfortable talking about what you do. If you're not sold, how do you expect anyone else to buy your product/service?

Here are some questions you should easily be able to answer:

What is your day rate?
What is your hourly rate?
What types of services do you offer?
Will you travel & how much do you charge?
What is your kit fee?

Pick a niche...

Most people don’t take Artists seriously because they appear scattered. For example if you say…I do hair, knit & bake gluten free cookies. You will confuse people and they won’t know what to hire you for, much less what your expertise is. You have to be able to articulate what you do.

Maybe you’re a Hairstylist, you knit really cool hats that you sell in your shop & you always give your clients a gift filled with cookies. You see you can still do what you love but there’s a time and place for EVERYTHING.

Can you answer this?

What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? This is what will separate you from the other Artists. It's competitive but there's no competition (only 1 YOU!) when you clearly define yourself in the marketplace.

You can Invest in supplies but also Invest in yourself! You can work on the outside but it’s important you work on the inside. Business problems are nothing more than personal problems!

Network with other successful artists. Let them know you're available to assist NOW! There’s nothing wrong with being an apprentice. You’ll climb the ladder a lot faster!

Communicate effectively and don't be afraid to tell everyone about your services, be professional and always FOLLOW UP!

So, if you’re working for FREE today, take the appropriate measures to go from a starving artist to a successful artist!

Be You For A Living & Profit from your Passion!!

Author's Bio: 

After spending 10+ years in Hollywood as an Actress/Dancer/Body Double Ungenita Katrina Prevost learned how to Perfect Her Potential™. Today she is the World’s First Beauty Empowerment Author & Speaker & named "The Tony Robbins of Beauty". She helps female entrepreneurs bring structure back into their businesses and balance back into their lives by going from “Frazzled To Fabulous”, a simple, easy to implement system that gets results, ultimately improving their lives and businesses. www.UngenitaKatrinaPrevost.com