Many a times we’ve heard about weight loss scams. These scams claim to lose weight without making any additional effort. Unfortunately, many people get attracted to such schemes they are nothing but the schemes to be unearthed. What make these schemes popular are the fake testimonials and people claiming to lose 10-30 kilos of weight. Actually, these schemes are bizarre and illogical. Here are 5 schemes that we have busted.

Parasitic Worm Diet
It is a horrific diet. The parasitic worm diet advocates the belief that when we eschew tapeworms, it will help us to lower down the carb content. It is a wrong notion that needs to be dispelled. Actually, these creepy crawlies will lay eggs inside your body and it will cause nutrient loss (especially vitamin B12).

Baby Food Diet
Most of the health professionals recommend you to eat baby food diet because they think it is not salty, mashed and it’s a healthy way to keep yourself satiated for a prolonged period of time. But the dieticians believe that the baby food diet can lead to over consumption of food as no specific day and quantity is defined. In fact, they recommend you to munch apple, carrot or any seasonal fruit that is more beneficial than baby food.

Japanese Banana Diet
Japanese Banana Diet was brainchild of Hitoshi Watanabe, this diet has gained prominence because of word of mouth and the report claims of real weight loss results. As the name suggests, an individual has to eat banana in the morning that is kept at a room temperature. If you are thinking of what to eat in other three main meals, the answer is it depends upon your whims and wishes.

The myth busted- a diet that doesn’t incorporate healthy living foods in the lifestyle, needs to be avoided. Also, this diet plan doesn’t encourage any physical exercise. Hence, it is impossible to lose weight just by eating banana.

The Master Cleanser Diet
The Master Cleanser Diet is also known by the name of the lemon diet. In this weight loss trap, an individual has to starve for at least 10 days. This starving assists to flush out the toxins from the body. All you have to do is to consume is 6 to 10 glasses lime juice blended with maple syrup, filtered water, lime and pepper. In this diet plan the person is not permitted to mulch wholesome diet.

The Mater Cleanser diet is pretty tough to follow. It is advised that crushed ice assist in implementing the diet plan. Other than that the person is also suggested not to do any strenuous exercise in which the person is likely to get exhausted.

Many health professionals think that master cleanser diet doesn’t work well because it doesn’t help in attaining the weight loss goal. Undoubtedly, Vitamin C available in the lemon juice helps to amplify fat oxidation that leads to instant weight loss. But the catch is the diet cannot be called as a balanced diet, as it is devoid of protein and carb.

Additionally, this diet is best for people who crib to attain the pencil thin figure. Moreover, a lemon juice doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle. Though, including lemon in the diet quench requirements of Vitamin C, yet it cannot be called as an ideal diet.

HCG Diet
HCG Diet Plan is the most dangerous weight loss program. In this plan, an individual has to guzzle down 500 calories in a day. But by following this diet plan, one might face life threatening conditions. Also, you may experience water retention, swelling, breast suppleness even when you are not pregnant.

Basically, one has to inject the HCG hormone and it may lead to a condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. In this condition the ovaries start to leak fluid in the abdomen. This further leads to weight gain, abdominal pain, blood clot, fluid retention and the drastic condition of kidney failure. Hence, the neat trick is to simply avoid this diet plan.

Thus, we can safely conclude that there is no substitute for a balanced diet and physical exercise. Till then stay fit, look trendy.

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