Among the long-lived e-commerce industry, daredevils always prefer high prices for their products and do not accept bargain sales. Interestingly, the demand for them is only growing, as well as the brand's popularity. So what is the secret of the marketing strategy of these entrepreneurs? This is what we will try to figure out in this article.

More than 77% of shoppers abandon the shopping cart when shopping online. Instead, they browse through an assortment of products, compare prices, and forget or do not want to complete the transaction for various reasons. Even if this happens, it is essential to understand that no sales in dropshipping do not signal the end of the relationship between buyer and brand.

10 best ways to dropship on Shopify
What’s the difference between profitable businesses that consistently throw money in the bank month after month and those that fail? The secret to success is a well-thought-out sales strategy - the truth is that a considerable number of factors need to be considered before you start anything. For example, you need a quality product, a profitable niche, and an interested audience.

Build the perfect customer journey
This stage is the first of the most critical approaches to help comprehend potential customers' psychology and increase conversions. To do so, analyze why people perform specific actions before completing the transaction. For example, if they are not satisfied with the price, they can spend a long time surfing the Internet looking for cheaper options. In 2009, Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg developed the Fogg Behavior Model, which focuses on factors determining whether someone takes action. The scholar identifies three essential elements on which a buyer's desire depends: motivation, ability, and a prompt. Therefore, all pages of your digital store should target short and clear CTAs that users can quickly execute.

Visitors may be motivated in many ways, among which the most effective are urgency and fear of missing out. This is resorted to by many entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to seasonal collections. It is essential to understand your goods' suitability - whether customers have the money to buy them, how easy the transaction process is, the possible risks, etc. Prompts with no obligation also trigger increasing demand and dropshipping sales. For instance, driving someone directly to a checkout page for a low-priced item or discounts when they have never heard of your brand before may convert well.

Note the social responsibility
About 90% of consumers say they’ll boycott a company whose corporate social responsibility isn’t aligned with their values. Most dropshipping stores on Shopify resort to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. They raise money for charity, pay special attention to the fight against poverty and hunger, and help overcome disease. But from an entrepreneur's perspective, it's worth focusing on which makes the most sense for your brand and which best relates to your customer base.

Create a better delivery strategy
To get more dropshipping sales on Shopify, create your own delivery rules - after all, people need to get their orders on time and for free. You can offer free shipping, which will not act against your business. Such a proposal can provide the following benefits:

Marketing opportunities;
An easier shipping setup;
An enlarged possibility that a customer will place an order.
It is appropriate when the prices of goods go up or when the shipping costs come out of the profits. Increasing product sales can also charge a low flat rate or a fixed rate.

Learn to sell on Facebook
Use Facebook Ads to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. So you will attract the appropriate segment with the help of targeting settings. The strategy allows you to play big and is one of the most effective ways to get sales with dropshipping Shopify. So, if you have a competitor, one of such "death stars" that block the way for small and medium-sized businesses, learn the interests of its customers and target traffic to your store using similar tactics.

Take regular Instagram Stories
Instagram continues to thrive, so you have a few more years to spare. To enlarge conversions, you should attract 10,000 relevant subscribers. With Instagram Stories, users can go to your account and stay with you for a long time - it's just important to follow the canons of high-performed content.

Develop fan pages
Find fan pages on social networks by interest: animals, t-shirts, or toothbrushes - anything related to your niche. You can then write a direct message promoting the brand (e.g., a post with a story) and ask for a subscription. This will bring traffic back to your site and increase sales of low-cost items.

Work in tandem with partners
Difficult times are always easier to go through together. Partnering with affiliate marketers is a powerful incentive to increase dropshipping sales at Shopify. To do this, you can ask current customers for an affiliate or make a backlink system by offering affiliate commissions to other brands.

Take care of content
For the slow but long-term prospect of good conversions, use quality content - apply long-tail keywords, make meaningful thematic articles of about 2 thousand words, post regularly and deal with the most relevant topics. Read more about how to find them up with Google Trends here.

Utilize product bundles apps
You can boost Shopify dropship for sale by selling multiple items to different audiences. This approach involves grouping products and setting a discounted price for the whole bundle.

Host a giveaway
In 2022, shenanigans are still famous, and you shouldn't give up on them. They are one of the critical elements of consumer psychology - the cheaper, the better. After awarding the main prize, you can generate sales by offering a free runner-up subscription or a $5 gift card to everyone who didn't win.

For Shopify dropshipping sales funnel work, you need to create predictable scenarios and "tight" interaction with each link of the sales chain. Before we can understand what a high converting sales funnel looks like, we need to test each option for promoting our products.

Tips to boost your dropshipping sales
Most online stores include a sale section where customers can score the best deals. But the system of discounts is not always perceived alone: for instance, the layering od discount can be more valuable to a client than a big one. In addition, reducing the cost of a product that's already been marked down can be perceived ambiguously: some will be motivated to buy, while others will doubt its suitability.

These listed actions can be safely called a sales promotion strategy. And here are some basic Shopify dropshipping tips we can give you.

Create a YouTube channel
YouTube is the second largest search engine and one of the marketing channels that helps make a difference in conversions. Unfortunately, while it may be challenging to stand out on the platform, only 9% of U.S. small businesses market their brand. But this fact only strengthens the competitiveness of your company - you can earn revenue from your account, advertise products with links and attract potential customers and partners.

Master Twitter marketing
With more than 229 million monthly active users, Twitter marketing is essential for promoting your Shopify dropshipping sales. Here you have the opportunity to interact with Influencers and thus attract free qualified traffic to your site.

Discover Snapchat
Starting a Shopify POD from scratch, take care of omnichannel - develop a network of communication channels with potential buyers from the first day of launching your business. Snapchat has about 203 million active users per day, which proves that the platform has a diverse audience, some segments of which are sure to be interested in your offer.

Creating subreddits and discussion topics on platforms like Reddit and Quora is pretty popular today. This is because they focus on niche businesses and allow you to advertise products or brands natively. In addition, they have many subscribers, among whom they will indeed find those who appreciate your products.

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Tools to improve sales on Shopify
We decided to categorize the tools and collect their single list so that you get a comprehensive answer on how to get sales at Shopify dropshipping.

Shopify apps for marketing
Omnisend Email Marketing allows you to make and manage campaigns, segment potential clients and automate workflows for free.
With Smile: Rewards & Loyalty, you can control reward programs with loyalty points, customer recommendations, and VIP levels.
Segundo: Email marketing allows you to make an email newsletter as part of a multi-channel campaign.
Apps for sales and conversion
YourFit is a platform for personalizing clothing by bringing fitting rooms into the online world.
Privy allows you to track conversions and increase sales with email newsletters, automated emails, A/B tests, and other great features in one place.
Apps for SEO optimization
Plug in SEO helps identify bugs by checking page titles, meta-descriptions, and website productiveness, as well as determining which sales channels are best to add to the Shopify dropship store.
SEO Image Optimizer - Auto SEO tracks and automatically optimizes your store.
Bulk Image Edit reduces image file size by up to 51% without losing apparent image quality.
Apps for products and managers
DropZa streamlines your product providers by allowing them to publish to all Shopify and Etsy affiliate store with the installed app. This centralizes offers and distributes them to online partner stores.
PodZa is a universal solution for managing print on demand services: it registers goods, distributes orders, calculates profit margins, and tracks delivery. In addition, it helps to automate all routine processes, thereby facilitating the manager's work and reducing costs.
Both apps are pretty helpful - while measuring business progress, an entrepreneur has a better chance of filling gaps and getting into the game in a highly competitive market, etc.

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