Let me help you realize your dreams to become a millionaire and experience financial freedom.

In this article I aim to share with you some entrepreneurial qualities that will help turbo-charge your wealth and success.

1, 400 Self-Made Millionaires are made everyday?

In 2005 Forbes Magazine revealed these amazing facts:

There were 691 reported billionaires in the world.

And 1,400 individuals became millionaires' everyday.

Do you want to be one of them?

I have no doubt you do!

You aspire, just like everybody else to be independently wealthy. To be free to do the business in the way you want.

To be free from irritating bosses and close-minded supervisors.

So much power is felt and done in running your own business enterprise and there is nothing like having a business that runs itself!

This is the ultimate goal of aspiring entrepreneurs. Unless you win the lottery it is unlikely you'll become a millionaire overnight but you can achieve it in a relatively short space of time if you follow the steps of the rich and successful.

As Anthony Robbins says, "Success leaves clues"


Dreaming and aspiring for wealth is not only about having money, it's also about having more freedom.

Freedom from debt-freedom from want-freedom to choose the future for your children.

Do you want your kids to go to school that they want to? Do you want to be free from debt?

Of Course!

Now the next critical question is how can you be free? How can we be one of the 1,400 who become self-made millionaires everyday?

Let me share with you some characteristics that self-made millionaires have in common.

One commonality that can be seen is that there is a large number of self-made millionaires that have made their wealth online.

But these characteristics are not only common amongst online millionaires but in all self-made millionaires.

So here we go

1. Self-Made Millionaires Do Not Blame-

They are never party to the blame culture.

When a mistake is made they do not look for who made the mistake but they look for ways in how to fix the mistake.

No excuses are made for bad outcomes or portion the blame to someone else. Successful business persons learn from their mistakes and very rarely repeat them.

2. Millionaires are Decisive and They Have a Vision of What They Want To Do and Happen-

They strive and push towards their visions and goals.

To achieve your millionaire goal you must have a target and the drive to seek the means to achieve your targets.

3. Millionaires Follow and Trust Their Intuition -

Millionaires follow their nose. If they believe that an idea or a concept will work then pursue it, if it does not feel right then they abandon the idea.

4. Millionaires are Focused on Their Core Expertise and Core Business-

The successful business persons follow their main line of expertise. Yes they do snatch up a good idea when they see it - but they stay focused on their primary vision.

Yes it is true that they are doing a lot of tasks- e.g. Online marketer- marketing on Ebay, writing articles, attending training seminars and digesting more knowledge but all of these sum up to their main goals

5. Millionaires are Focused on Marketing-

You must look at the success of one of the richest individual in the planet-Steve Jobs of Apple.

He focuses on his core business; he hires and recognizes the need for and the importance of marketing.

You must focus on marketing to gain exposure and constantly look to expanding your audience. --- write emails, do online and offline advertising, press releases etc.

Simply put if you want a fair income that pays the bills- then you market and sell products and services.

But if you want to be crazy rich then you must create and control markets and market demands.

Thus the key to eye-popping business success is strategic marketing.

6. You Have to Understand the Need for Continuing Your Education

Education is not just confined to the four walls of a classroom. You can learn from many people, from their life's experiences even from their perceptions.

You have to listen-sincerely listen to others, how they achieved their success and how they also got their failures.

-- Also how they overcame those failures.

Go to training seminars, learn from the web, E-books, videos blogs everything.

You have to look at these new strategies and see how they can help you in your business and achieve your goals.

7. Do Not Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Any big success, any company, any individual has had their own share of failures.

Thomas Edison is a perfect example of someone learning from his 'failures' and never giving up. The story has it that it took him over 10,000 attempts to invent the light bulb, and he responded saying, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

The huge online companies like eBay and Craigslist have had its own share of failures. What distinguishes them from the complete failures is simply this:

You have to learn from your mistakes, rise to the occasion, persevere and persist.

Nobody said it was ever going to be easy.

8. You Have to Model Your Business for Success

You have to look for successful business models and paradigms to pattern after. Internet-based enterprises do this all the time.

You have to learn about the competition. You have to learn how there systems work for you.

Some have this as "Reverse Engineering" but I would prefer to call it aggressive research. - Get their products and learn how they achieve success.

9. You Have to Build a Team That You Can Trust

Two heads are better than one-I learned this the hard way. No matter how good you think you are you must rely on the inputs and outputs of a trusted team.

A great team of like-minded individuals is not difficult to find. You can find them on seminars and any public forums.

Making a fortune - getting wealth is a team endeavor.

Just look at the many teams that have achieved greatness- modern history is rife with them.

Now that you have learned of the 9 characteristics that you need to have-then you can start putting things in place so that you develop the mindset and actions of millionaires.

To increase your chances of success try to make sure you adhere to the 9 characteristics to become a millionaire. Use what you've learned and be patient!! These things do not happen overnight - Rome wasn't built in a day--- but that empire lasted for thousands of years!

So what are you waiting for, take those first steps on the road to become a millionaire.

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