Hello, my name is Tony DeCresie and I’m the director of Commercial Lending for Florida Real Estate & Commercial Loans, Inc, which is a nationwide affiliate of Commercial Capital, Ltd and we are actively seeking private lenders.

Become a Private Lender lending against commercial real estate and other safe investments like Self-Directed IRA’s, getting a high return on investment (High ROI) on secured loans.

We are direct representatives to over 100 commercial banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, private pension funds and individual investors who make commercial real estate and business loans to clients in all 50 states.

I’m here to talk to you today about some unique opportunities that have arisen out of the economic recession and financial market meltdown. For private investors who are unhappy with the poor returns they see from CD’s, money markets and IRA’s and just aren’t comfortable with the uncertainty of investing in the stock market and other riskier types of investments – this should be an exciting opportunity for you. And we believe this is a tremendous win/win situation for both yourselves and our clients who need and deserve commercial real estate and business loans but can’t get them because their local banks just aren’t making any loans right now.

Here’s how the program works…

Let’s say you’re like a lot of Americans today. You’ve worked hard, saved your money, invested it wisely over the years – only to see your investment / retirement nest egg dwindle over the past few years with the stock market tech bubble burst and then the real estate market bubble burst and you’ve seen much of your savings and the equity in your real estate evaporate over the past few years. And now you’re stuck with a choice between extremely low returns of 1% - 3% for “safe” investments like CD’s or money market accounts. Or you’re faced with the uncertainty of playing the stock market to try and get better returns with no guarantee you won’t loose all your money.

Well, I’m very excited to tell you about a program that, until just recently, was only open to a select few very large private investors.

With this program, I’m privileged to be able to show people how to receive 10% - 15% return on their investment, which is secured by commercial real estate that has a market value significantly above the amount invested. We’re excited because by expanding this program, we get to grow our business (we loan money to solid business owners and credit worthy owners of income producing commercial real estate) and our clients get the money they need that just isn’t available right now thru their local banks due to the current banking crisis. And in the process – we get to show people like yourselves how to earn much greater returns than by parking your money in an IRA, a money market account, or a CD.

Do you know anyone who would be interested in earning 10% - 15% on their money in a SAFE investment?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want more information on how you can become a private lender. Please call:
863-299-2929 or 813-833-3132 or email us at: loans@commerciallendingpros.com

Author's Bio: 

Tony DeCresie
Director of Commercial Lending

Specializing in Investment & Commercial property financing. Affiliate of Nexus Financial Goup - providing commercial loans in all 50 states. Director of Community Development Services. Works closely with Polk County Neighborhood Services department. Expertise in all government commercial loan programs including FHA/HUD, FNMA, USDA, SBA 7A and 504. Private Hedge Fund and Wall Street conduit fund representative.

Specializing in Investment & Commercial property financing
Director of Community Development Services

Cell Phone: 813-833-3132
Office Phone: 863-299-2929
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Email: loans@commerciallendingpros.com