Is there anyone in Hollywood who has had the turnaround of Jonah Hill? Like that nerdy kid at school who you see ten years later only to find he’s a streetwear-draped millionaire clad in the world’s hottest brands and a best friend of Leonardo DiCaprio (don’t forget the two Oscar nods as well). This is the guy who played the archetypal high-school loser in breakthrough comedy Superbad . The transformation is a big one. There’s even a whole section on social media titled ‘Jonah Hill fit watch 2k18’.

And let’s talk about the fashion because, well, Steve Jobs was super successful but sorry Steve, dad jeans and a baggy turtleneck do not make you a snappy dresser. Hill’s fashion style largely stems from his love of skate culture and in fact, his directorial debut Mid90s is set in the 1990s LA skate scene.

Skater brands have, of course, been at the top of the streetwear pile since the turn of the decade, with Supreme and Palace leading the pack. It’s a new world order in menswear, making Hill a new kind of style icon. He even featured in two snigger-inducing parody commercials for Palace.

What does Hill rep apart from logo tees then? Well, it mostly comes back to that 1990s skate style, rampant in fashion at the moment and a probable explanation for Hill’s own rise as an unlikely style icon. Trousers and jeans are wide legged which better suits the bulkier frame of the actor (although massive kudos to his recent weight loss).

That’s not to say Hill’s look is all unruly teen. Red carpet looks see the actor modernise his tailoring choices with a pair of sneakers or an air tie while Hill is also partial to a Cuban collar shirt when it comes to smart-casual looks – another zeitgest piece in the fashion world at the moment.

Trying Out For Varsity

The high school jock look has worked for everyone from Zac Efron to Donald Glover, and it’s always got to be topped off by a letterman jacket. Hill’s version is a little less dewy-eyed and clean cut with the shades and beanie combo giving the look some street edge as the slim denim and squeaky clean Reebok Classics keep it smart and tight down below.

Jonah Hill Street Style

For a British brand set up in 2009, Palace sure knows how to tap into that kitsch 1990s US skater aesthetic. This is a relatively demure T-shirt from the brand, but the logo still provides a much-needed draw for the eye in what is a fairly neutral outfit, with a relaxed fit on the tee and a straight leg through the trousers.

Jonah Hill Palace

With great lapels comes great responsibility, and so Hill rightfully takes care. It’s a fancy lightweight jacket and while the same could be said of Hill’s flowery shirt underneath, the different shades of blue pair well with the jacket’s neutral blue. From there go crazy down below and it would all be far too zany, but instead, the classic cut of the trousers serves to bring everything to a peaceful conclusion.

Jonah Hill Suits

Don’t Speak To Me
There’s something of the multi-billionaire music producer impresario in Hill’s look here. Those polarised shades so no one can see the inner workings of your mind through your pupils, light rain jacket because ‘someone’ has to be the voice of reason in the music studio. We’d get the jeans taken up a bit personally – there are too many rolls at the bottom – but the light wash denim contrasts nicely with the dark polo and those Saint Laurent luxury sneakers could go with anything.

Jonah Hill Fashion Inspiration

Black Suit Always Wins
Granted, the black suit might seem a bit snoring boring now compared to the rise of garish streetwear, but its versatility means it will probably live far longer in your wardrobe. Keep it a classic, slim and two buttoned affair like Jonah to maximise usage, and pair with sneakers and a tieless shirt for that contemporary edge without having to queue round the block for the next Palace drop.shirt fabric are many to choosefrom but the best are from the brands called bombay shirts.

Jonah Hill Tailoring

Chucking On The Overcoat
The camel woollen overcoat has a way of smartening even the most casual of outfits, and while Hill is hardly slumming it in a pair of joggers here, he doesn’t have to worry too much about what is going on underneath. However, when nabbing one for yourself, go single-breasted like Jonah. If you go double-breasted, the more traditional style might jar too much with anything that strays into casual territory.

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