Striving to become a success in any field typically offers challenges some of which are too much for certain people to overcome! In many cases however the problem boils down to an inability to maintain your focus due to an assortment of distractions! Now anybody knows you can't expect to become successful at anything unless you can stay focused on what exactly you are striving to achieve! More times than not the challenges to your focus stem quite frankly from having too many interest you are trying to pursue!

Let's consider how 'choosing' to increase our ignorance of things of lesser importance can help us to become successful at other interests of a higher priority! Here's 3 ways choosing this path can actually leads us to greater successes in our lives!

Filters Out Distractions

By narrowing down your focus and filtering out the distractions you are much better able to invest a quality effort! Trying to 'balance' and/or pursue too many interests or tasks spreads you too thin resulting in frustration and more times than not, falling short of your intended goals! Clearing out the distractions allows you to set your sights more clearly thus coordinating your effort much better!

Increases The Resource of Time

Time is a very precious and non-renewable resource and one many claim they don't have enough of which in most cases is true! By virtue of narrowing your focus and eliminating other time consuming activities, you now have more of this precious resource to dedicate to your primary goal! What this ultimately means is that you'll simply get to where you want to be that much faster!

Greater Focus - Greater Expertise

In many cases in order to become successful at certain endeavors there will be a certain amount of knowledge that needs to be acquired! Along with that will also be the development of additional skill sets and a propensity to use them! Simply stated when you spend enough time and stay focused on any one thing the better you become and that much faster along with the fact your efforts become easier!

In order to become a success at just about anything your focus must be 100% or your efforts will likely be ineffective! This is a common challenge that frustrates many but yet can be overcome with a little bit of dedication! By simply choosing what is of the most importance to you and ignoring the rest you boost your ability to stay focused on the task at hand! In this way increasing your ignorance in one or even several areas can dramatically increase your chances to become successful in the area you chose to be most important! The discussion above demonstrates ways how using this strategy will in fact increase your focus allowing you to achieve what it is you deem to be your priority! This of course will only prove effective provided you remain dedicated to your primary goal!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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