As you are seeking God to prepare you for your mate, this inner work may reveal things in you that are not pleasing to God and that also keep men away. Taking an inventory is personal – between you and God. You look up to God, by first looking inside yourself, then turning to God and saying, ‘I need your strength’.

Taking inventory may be unpleasant, but as you become more equipped to receive a man in your life, you will become clear about your values and what is important to you. Look at your own strengths. Recognize what you have that is wonderful. Begin to concentrate your energies on things that you like to do. If you like art, then do that.

Discover what the right work, people, hobbies, and lifestyle are for you. Have you ever stopped to consider whether you are where you are in life now by choice?

No one but God has to approve of your selection of a mate. What our Lord was telling his disciples on that great mountaintop is this: “The more you draw closer to me, the more others, who are not of me, will reject you, but it’s all right, because I am leading and taking you to a place many cannot go.”

You are now on a new spiritual plane, your walk will be different, and your choices must be different. Many who do not walk where you walk will not be able to understand you.

Pay attention to how God is leading you. Live your life! Do not see as others see, but see as God sees and understand that you’re not looking from the outside.

God looks at the heart of a person, and that’s where you begin to look. What happens so often is the reverse: people are with you in the good times and then you can’t see them, they’re fleeing and fleeting, in the bad times.

If you have a man who’s stuck with you through thick and thin and who brings you joy, with whom you can pray, and with whom you experience peace that passes understanding, no one else has to get it. God does, and you do. You have to hold on to that.

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