With billions of dollars in revenue and millions of active users, OnlyFans has witnessed spectacular success in its content subscription business. It has strong support from several artists, celebrities, influencers, models, and sportspersons.

Entrepreneurs aiming to monetize content such as images and videos need not incur a huge investment to create an OnlyFans like platform from scratch. They can reach out to a talented app development company and get a fully customized OnlyFans clone. Users get access to exclusive content posted by athletes, chefs, fitness instructors, music composers, singers, and stars.

What are the notable features of an OnlyFans Clone Script?

  • Social media login option - Lightning-fast registration of new users is ensured on the OnlyFans clone via a social media login mechanism. Interested people can sync their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
  • Access to high-end merchandise - Users can own an exclusive collection worn by their favourite actress or model by purchasing goods from the e-commerce store. An OnlyFans like platform is integrated with online stores like Shopify and Teespring. Members can purchase bags, face masks, hats, hoodies, pillows, smartphone cases, swimwear, T-shirts etc at affordable prices.
  • Acceptance of different payment methods - Users can pay for their monthly subscription plans through numerous methods. They execute transactions through credit cards, Discover, debit cards, Mastercard, Maestro, net banking, Visa, and wire transfers.
  • An integrated referral program - Existing content creators can refer new artists and get a specific percentage as commission. There is no limit related to total earnings and the number of referrals.
  • Referral code - They should share the unique referral code with the new user. The referred person signs up on the platform using the referral code. The commission is directly credited to the bank account or digital wallets of the content creators.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, OnlyFans has transformed the business of content subscription with its innovative way of functioning. Artists and content creators have more rights now as the power has shifted from middlemen and platform owners. Hence, techpreneurs can disrupt the Internet era by procuring an OnlyFans clone platform from a trustworthy app development company in the market.

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