This is part 5 of an 8 part blog series titled, “Become the Person Who Can Move Mountains.” This blog is about Understanding. Other blogs to follow in this series are: Self-Esteem, Visualization, Knowledge, Patience, Giving Back, Love, and Faith & Fear.

We all possess important qualities within us. Some people know what their qualities are, and can access them at any time. For others, they have not discovered what they are. We all have the capabilities within us to succeed. Why is it that some people succeed while others don’t? What makes us so different? What is lacking? Here are some tips to help you become the person who can move mountains by using the tools that you already have. This is an 8 part blog series.

Understanding: You may never fully understand what it feels like to walk in someone else’s shoes. You might have been through the same situation, but our thought processes are different, so you might have made different choices. What might seem logical to one person is illogical to another. When you look into someone’s eyes, are you able to see their soul? Can you see past someone’s smile to know that they are hurting inside? Understanding is not about talking, it’s about listening; it’s about hearing what is said, and not about what you want to hear. Understanding means knowing what it means to be; happy, sad, humiliated, disappointed, and a whole array of other feelings as well. Understanding is being sympathetic to someone’s trials, sufferings, and feeling their triumphs as well as everything that they feel; as they are going through it, is what I call “understanding,” which in turn produces compassion.

When it comes to understanding, we are not supposed to have all the answers; that would make life way to simple and unmeaningful. When you start to understand more about yourself, you will begin to understand more about others. To begin to understand anything, such as your life path, or the reason behind your actions, you have to get in touch with your feelings associated with the circumstance or the event (past, present, or future).

In understanding your life path, you have to realize that change is a part of life and you have to be open to it. You change, you evolve. There are many levels of understanding, and like life; it is a journey to feel with open eyes and an open heart. Your life path might start out in one direction, and then change later on. Learning about your life path will take some soul searching which will consist of asking yourself some important questions. Why am I doing this? What benefit will it bring me? What other choices do I have? Will I enjoy doing this? Will it help others? Will doing this financially sustain me?

Understanding time is one of the most complex things to understand. We have grown accustom to wanting everything now, we want action and the results to be quick. Time knows no bounds; it doesn’t know when you are in a hurry, waiting on results, or news from afar. Time has its own agenda, regardless of what you have planned. Time moves rather slowly when you are waiting for something important.
No one can control time, just sit back and enjoy the time that you do have. It is hard, but try not to be too stressed in the moments we wish time would move faster. When you understand that you cannot control time, you start to enjoy it. If your busy schedule gets thrown off by an unplanned event, simply smile and make the best of it. Things happen for a reason, so that unplanned event might end up being and important event in your life. Relax, and enjoy every single moment that time has to offer, because you can’t get it back once it’s gone.

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