Creating unique works of art is something which gives a sense of satisfaction few people besides artists get to feel. Knowing that the image on your wall is yours and yours alone is satisfying in a way which mass produced canvas photo prints can’t even begin to approach.

In an ideal world, everyone who puts art up on the walls of their home would like to be in a position to purchase totally original works of art. Sadly, however, the world of art collection is a rarefied one in which many thousands of pounds are required to purchase even the smallest work by some unknown artist, let alone something specifically commissioned by a painter or photographer whose work you enjoy and appreciate. One way around this would be to create your own art but about as many people have that ability as have the cash to go out and but an original Damien Hurst.

Unable to take either of these paths, but still wanting, as is only natural to decorate their home with artwork which reflects their personality many people opt for buying canvas prints, but this has it is own drawbacks. For one thing, the choice in the shops is very limited, with certain types of image moving in and out of fashion and suddenly cropping up everywhere or else not being available at all. It may be that every other canvas print you see for sale features abstract shots of pebbles all of a sudden, or moody night time cityscape. What this also underlines is the reality that such canvas photo prints are mass produced, completely undermining the exclusivity of anything you might buy and planting the nagging fear that this art which is intended to be a reflection of your personality is also being used by hundreds of other people to reflect theirs.

Luckily, there’s a way around all of this, and it lies in the fact that digital technology allows anyone to put there photos on canvas and have them printed up as full scale works of art without any diminution in the quality of the original image. What this means is that anyone can become their own artist either selecting an image which already resides in their collection, or else going out armed with a camera and snapping away knowing that they’re trying to capture something to turn into an artwork.

Once you’ve got just the right image, be it a family portrait or an abstract nature shot, you just have to upload it to the relevant website and then use the software to turn it into a canvas. The process consists mainly of opting for landscape, portrait or square format, as well as selecting the size and perhaps tinkering with the color via sepia or monochrome effects. Once you’ve done this, your artwork will be printed on artist quality canvas and then stretched tight over a wooden frame. The fact that you can wipe it clean, and that it won’t fade in sunlight, means that it will stay looking crisp and bright and clear for very many years.

If you’re spoiled for choice and have more than a dozen favorite images then you can use them all as the basis for a personalized photo calendar which will combine the convenience of photo calendars with the visual appeal of your own art.

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Once you’ve seen the beauty of your own canvas photo prints up on the walls of your home, you’ll be determined that everything else on show should be as fine, which is where creating your own photo calendars comes into its’ own. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, either one will delight and amaze.