The following is a list of the 3 most effective ways to increase your income as a coach:1. Change (or increase) your affirmations.

Your outside circumstances are merely a reflection of your internal beliefs (your current NLP). Thus the most effective way to change your income level is to have beliefs that support your desired income level.

An important note about beliefs: All beliefs start off as an idea that has been reinforced into your mind so often it has become something you believe.

Increased Earning Formula


Examples of powerful affirmations:

I approve of myself.I love myself.

I earn ______ annually.

My home is easily affordable.

Make sure your beliefs are phrased in the present tense. Your mind will find this much more powerful then affirmations stated in the future tense.Do not underestimate the strength of the above affirmations.

Repeating these affirmations as often as possible has made for some remarkable changes even within the first 30 days.

2. Use a sales copy on your website.

If most of your clients are attained online, you need a good sales copy. The highest selling companies/coaches use a sales copy.

The goal of the sales copy to attain a new coaching session with a potential client.

Powerful effective sales copies do the following:

-Ask reflective questions ("What will happen if you do not make changes in your life?")
-Have testimonials. The more specifically detailed the testimony the better. Video testimonies are ideal.
-State what they want the reader to do. ("Click here to reserve your seat." or "Pick up the phone and call now.")
-Focus on the problems in the reader's life and what the solution is (Hint: Solution: To get a coach, and not just any coach- you.)
-Shows a picture of the coach. This will begin to begin create rapport. Bonus marks if you are smiling and pictured with great scenery behind you.

3. Become a coach trainer/ open your own coach training college.

Training others to be life coaches can be very emotionally and financially gratifying and fulfilling.

One of the best parts of a venture like this is the overhead. Aside from your initial training, there is almost no overhead! You only need a website and a phone, which you already have if you are a coach.

This business can be set up and operated from anywhere in the world. Perfect if you love to travel.

Author's Bio: 

Mackenzie Pearce is the owner and director of the Coaching Academy of North America Inc., currently the only place in the world you are able to not only become a life coach (graduate with clients- guaranteed) but you are able to learn and own PLR rights to curriculum designed to assist you in opening your own coach training school.