An overwhelming imbalance is occurring in terms of the number of positive messages that are emanating from mainstream media relative to negative messages.
Particularly in today’s more challenging environment the explosion of doom and gloom is simply unparalleled.
(Note: I am not expecting to see news productions/media full of wishy washy good news. I am simply seeking balance.) This proliferation of negativity has induced fear into many people’s psyche and certainly altered their view of reality. Even the rich think they are poor!
Right around the world there are many unfortunate people seeking employment. However, in most developed countries, the majority have never had it better, due to lower interest rates, lower fuel costs, sales everywhere and so on. The fact is that the most people have far better purchasing power than they had previously. Yet they live in fear?
I heard this true story from a colleague. John and his wife are in their mid-50’s, both in secure well-paid jobs. Their mortgage is paid and their children are grown up and fending for themselves. But, recently John decided to change the habit of a lifetime and he now brings a packed lunch to work instead of eating out. When this story was shared with another person, she informed me that her husband, who is a University Professor, has started to bring in a flask rather than pay for his coffee in the subsidised college canteen.
These men have no money worries. They can afford to buy lunch or coffee, but they have bought into the prevailing fear and have adopted a mentality of lack.
There’s no doubt about it; there is no such thing as reality, only our perception of it!
So the time is come to take action - Become The Guardian To Your Mind.
You need to become the gatekeeper to your mind and allow in only positive and constructive information. Delete the mind numbing negativity at source and indeed actively go out of your way to save yourself from its onslaught.
Your subconscious acts like a computer so ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Some calculate that about 60,000 thoughts zip through your mind on a daily basis – 90% of those are the same thoughts as the previous day. Obviously, if you continue with the same thought process you can expect the same results.

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Kevin Kelly International Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author. Over the past two decades Kevin has beein recruited as a motivational speaker for events in Europe, Middle East and Far East and the US. For more information