What makes a great leader? Sometimes it’s qualities that are learned.
Sometimes it’s qualities that are innate. Not every manager can be great leader.
Business Management Daily shares five important things
every manager who aspires to be a corporate leader should ask themselves.

True leaders look inward every day and take stock of themselves. As simple as it sounds, it’s the step most overlooked by managers in their journey to becoming leaders.
That’s why managers who aspire to be leaders must constantly ask themselves five thought-provoking questions:

1) How’s my attitude? How do you feel about your job and employer? If managers think their working conditions stink, they’re underpaid and their boss hates them, they’ll pass this attitude on to their employees. Attitudes are contagious, and attitudes affect behavior and job performance. As a leader, you have to be conscious of your attitude’s impact. Then work to eliminate the negative behaviors that result from it.

2) What does “it” look like? Many people struggle with their leadership abilities because they’ve never stepped back and thought about what it means to truly be a leader. So ask yourself: What are the characteristics embodied by leaders I admire?

3) How do I stack up? Now do an honest appraisal. Rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 as to how well you think you’re doing on each word/phrase on a daily basis. That will give you a ballpark idea where you’re at.

4) What’s my real value? Managers must ask what value they bring to the organization. How do they affect the corporate bottom line? Remember, your company expects a return on its investment.

5) Do I believe? Do you truly believe you can become a great leader? All these looks in the mirror are meaningless unless you think you can change. If you have doubts, analyze why. Do you blame your company or your boss for holding you back? Is it inside you? Fear of success? Fear of failure? Answer those questions honestly.

Don’t try to change everything at once. Work on one item at a time. Small steps make for an easier journey.

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